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  • Kafka Kafe

    You can drink your hot wine by the wood stove in a historical place and join a very warm conversation.  You can practice English on certain days of the week.  They are very particular about cocktails and food. It hosts various parties on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...

    0 by Emrullah, one year ago
  • Istiklal Street

    Istanbul Adalar is the easiest to do with Eminonu ferry port and Kabatas ferry from Sultanahmet or Fatih area. In winter, a ferry trip every 45-50 minuteswhile there is a 25-30 frequent sea voyage at frequent intervals. There are already seagulls just following a long...

    0 by Victoria, 4 years ago
  • Walter's Coffee Roastery (Istanbul)

    Istanbul is one of the most beautiful Turkish cities and enjoys many tourist attractions, making it a destination for tourists as they enjoy the beauty of nature, scenic scenery, museums, historic and archaeological sites, and there are places to shop, so I will tell...

    0 by Sala, 5 years ago
  • Ağa Kapısı (The door of the Master)

    It's a cafe that hosts the most beautiful view of the most beautiful city. From here, you can see The Historic Peninsula, The Golden Horn, The Bosphorus and The Galata under your feet. You can enjoy the amazing view with the Ottaman sherbets and the authentic Turkish...

    0 by Elif Deniz, 5 years ago
  • Latife

    How to go? Whether come to the Besiktas square, after passing the statue of the eagle, straight walk, on the left side comes out Latife. How is there like? This is a boutique coffee shop. Interior design, in brown colour tones; decorated with drawings and posters. It...

    0 by Cankut, 5 years ago
  • Cafe Mu

    On a back street in an over-crowded city, Cafe Mu sits on a quiet corner with its face to the sun. This cafe is the perfect place to have a latte and relax. I often go to Cafe Mu to write or read a book. The music is calming and the baristas are laid-back. The beautiful...

    0 by Kaelin, 6 years ago
  • air bar

    If you are a kind of person who is searching for local, cosy, friendly and economic place Air bar (balo sk 25/a) is just for you.. Kind Staff ( İtalian and English speaking), good music and lots of fun!! Dart and table games ( taboo, jenga etc.) Open between 12:30 p.m....

    0 by Dilara, 7 years ago
  • The House Cafe

    Source Social... one of the best places of Istanbul it s actually a street which is full of bars and cafes also gift shops you can have a great time and make new friends. In cafes and bars live music is available in some places prices are good whenever we go there with...

    0 by Uğur, 8 years ago
  • moda kaldırım

    Moda kaldırım, is one of the nicest, coziest bars in istanbul, kadıköy. they have a wide range of beers, probably the ones you have never tried. plus, it's on one of the main streets of kadıköy, so while you are enjoying your beer, you have the opportunity to...

    0 by Savaş, 8 years ago
  • Beat

    Beat is in beyoğlu, in the city that is the old heart of europe, istanbul. it's a very nice place to throw a party. both local and international "party animals" go there, consecutively a very friendly dance and party environment is created! it has several floors, each...

    0 by Savaş, 8 years ago
  • Peyote

    From monday to sunday you can go to their terrace and have a drink with friends. They have the coolest terrace in the city - not about the view, but the music, the space itself, the employees, the clientele, etc. It's not that expensive and on weekends they open one...

    0 by Petrus, 8 years ago
  • Gizli Bahçe

    Gizli Bahçe is a indoor "secret garden". It has space to sit and just talk with friends, to drink, and to dance, if you're up to. Not so crowded, but definitely not a desert, has a great atmosphere. Even if you're alone it's very easy to meet people here, there's only...

    0 by Petrus, 8 years ago
  • Delirium cafe

    Delirium cafe has the Guinness record of most beers available to taste, you'll be able to taste more than 2000 different beers from around the world. This place is great if you like to drink beer. When you go you'll see that this place is mostly crowded with younger...

    0 by Damla, 10 years ago

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