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Cafe Mu

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Latte and Listen

Published by Kaelin Priger

On a back street in an over-crowded city, Cafe Mu sits on a quiet corner with its face to the sun. This cafe is the perfect place to have a latte and relax. I often go to Cafe Mu to write or read a book. The music is calming and the baristas are laid-back. The beautiful French windows give the perfect view for watching the street come alive with the locals. They also have vegan options on the menu and offer soy milk. Whether you are looking for a place to do some work, or simply want to watch the world go by, this is the place to be. 

I found Cafe Mu one day while wandering Kadikoy with a friend. I told her, "I want to find a hipster coffee shop." I was armed with my laptop, and was ready to do some writing with some coffee as my muse. She walked me through her neighborhood and left me on the street corner in front of Cafe Mu. She knew best, because Cafe Mu has become my favorite coffee shop in all of Istanbul.

How to find Cafe Mu:

  1. Walk off of the ferry at Kadikoy and (with the water at your back) head left along the main road.
  2. Once you reach Uzun Hafiz Sokak, head up the hill. You will eventually run into Cafe Mu at the top of the hill, on your right. 

Latte and Listen

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