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Benazio Coffee ~ Cuddle up with a warm cup of coffee and a book

Published by flag-us Kaelin Priger — 6 years ago

One of my favorite places in Istanbul is Kadikoy. Anytime I would have a free afternoon or Saturday while living in Istanbul, Kadikoy was the place I would head. Their coffee shops, great views, and quiet back streets were paradise for me. 

One day while in Rasimpasa, a section of Kadikoy, I headed to my favorite coffee shop, Cafe Mu. However, as sometimes happens on a busy or rainy day, all of the tables were taken. European coffee shops are well-known for being tiny, so this is faced me with a predicament - where do I go? I was really in the mood for a latte, and I had some reading and writing that I wanted to get done. Plus, I had a friend I was meeting later in Kadikoy, so I wanted to stay close by. I looked across the street and remembered that there was a similar little coffee shop there as well - Benazio Coffee. I headed across the street to see what Benazio had to offer. 

Benazio Coffee had a bit of a different vibe from Cafe Mu. It had a little more going on with the decor, whereas Cafe Mu was quite minimalist. However, Benazio gave off a very comfy and warm vibe. I took a place on a bench at a long table that I shared with some other creatives who were chatting and doing work. 

Benazio Coffee ~ Cuddle up with a warm cup of coffee and a book

My coffee experience was just like Cafe Mu - I got my latte in a small glass cup and it was delicious. I stayed long enough at Benazio doing writing that I got hungry, so I ordered a bowl of soup as well. This was warm and really filled me up. The rain was pouring down outside, and I was very happy to be warm and dry inside with a great environment and lots of friendly people. 

I really recommend Benazio Coffee as a great alternative cafe option when visiting the Rasimpasa area of Kadikoy. Cafe Mu is still my favorite, but depending on your style and preference, you might enjoy Benazio Coffee better. They are both very welcoming and have that great hipster vibe that is so prevalent in Kadikoy. 

Enjoy your next latte!


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