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  • Huqqa

    Huqqa Restaurant  This restaurant is very nice located.Right by the bosphorus and easy to reach. What To Eat They have enogh varieties of food and coffee.As i know they do not have any alcoholic drinks,they have cocktails on the menu but rather than that they dont...

    0 by Kübra, one year ago
  • Yıldız Restaurant

    A Restaurant By The Bosphorus This restauraant is located by The Bridge (Fatif Sultan Mehmet Bridge) and The Bosphorus.An stunning view at day or night. You love and enjoy sitting there.Food is nice.Not super expensive but not average too.Depends how much you like to...

    0 by Kübra, one year ago
  • Leb-i Derya

    LEB-İ DERYA MEYHANE Although it is mentioned as tavern(a traditional place to drink and have live music) but it has a very modern,nice decoration.We loved the ambiance there.I do not like very crowded,noisy and dancing people around(pretty much a touristic place) This...

    0 by Kübra, one year ago
  • Breakfast Place Street in Beşiktaş

    This is a small breakfast place street that has lots of small restaurants that serve breakfast. Even though all the places are very small, there are lots of breakfast restaurants. All the breakfast restaurants have "pişi" on their breakfast menu and this is one of the...

    0 by Aslı, one year ago
  • Benazio Coffee

    One of my favorite places in Istanbul is Kadikoy. Anytime I would have a free afternoon or Saturday while living in Istanbul, Kadikoy was the place I would head. Their coffee shops, great views, and quiet back streets were paradise for me.  One day while in Rasimpasa,...

    0 by Kaelin, one year ago
  • Wiseguy NY Pizza

    Boğaziçi University is located in the beautiful neighborhood of Rümelihisarüstü, right above the Bosphorus with lots of stunning views. Because of the large student population, this area is full of affordable and high-quality cafes and restaurants, markets and...

    0 by Kaelin, 2 years ago
  • Tahin

    The first time I looked at a menu for Tahin, my jaw almost dropped open. Every food item listed, from the falafels to the page full of hummus options, looked like food from heaven. I am a vegan, so eating out sometimes becomes quite a chore. However, when I noticed that...

    0 by Kaelin, 2 years ago
  • Mahatma Cafe

    As a vegan in Istanbul, I am always on the lookout for fully-vegan cafes where I can sit back and order absolutely anything on the menu, without having to study ingredients' lists or ask the servers all kinds of questions. Mahatma Cafe is a dream come true! Situated on...

    0 by Kaelin, 2 years ago
  • adana il sınırı

    Near of the Cihangir Floor Parking. Close to Firuzaga Square, it takes 10 minutes by walking from Taksim square. The place have kebab, lahmacun, lamb meat for eat; rakı, beer, wine for drink, Pöndi for other everything. My personal opinion, if you've time for a lunch,...

    0 by Ahmet, 2 years ago
  • Migros

    The most important for me when i visit a new country or city is always searching for the best supermarket where i can do my groceries. Especially since i travel as an Erasmus student is very important to find a market big and economic because we are all on a student...

    0 by Madalina, 3 years ago
  • restaurant

    There have many good food.   From the owner of a modest kebab restaurant, the adventure of Ciya is a journey built on passion, keen desire, research and love through the world of food. Çiya --- like its name, brings to mind high mountain peaks and mountain flowers. In...

    0 by ERPAT, 4 years ago
  • Ara Cafe

    Comfy with a great service and quality food. Ara Güler is a world-known Turkish photographer. He's the owner of this restaurant/cafe, where the walls are covered with his great photos of the city. When I came here, I really felt welcomed. The location is really close...

    0 by Petrus, 4 years ago
  • Kuruçeşme Kahvesi

    Great atmosphere and nice food little expensive but you ll love it. great atmosphere and nice food little expensive but you ll love it. great atmosphere and nice food little expensive but you ll love it. great atmosphere and nice food little expensive but you ll love...

    0 by Muhammet, 5 years ago
  • Kuymak Kahvaltı Salonu ve Ev yemekleri - Breakfast and Traditional Foods

    Hello Everyone, Please let me introduce you the new place to have a breakfast in Beşiktaş, İstanbul. First of all, name of the place is Kuymak Kahvaltı Salonu ve Ev Yemekleri whichcomes from a traditional breakfast food from Blacksea region of Turkey. We are ready...

    0 by Kuymak, 5 years ago
  • Ab'bas, Sur Ocakbasi, Hunkar Borekcisi

    Istanbul is the best place to taste nearly all tastes from around Turkey. It is like the capital of dining. I have several favorite restaurants. I will try to list a few of them: For a great Waffle, you should visit Ab'bas in Bebek. One of the best places for a...

    0 by Demir, 6 years ago

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