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Kuymak Kahvaltı Salonu ve Ev Yemekleri - Breakfast & Brunch, Homemade Food

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Breakfast and Traditional Food in Turkey

Published by flag- Kuymak Beşiktaş — 3 years ago

Hello everyone,

Please, allow me to introduce you to an area where you can have breakfast—Beşiktaş, a district and municipality of Istanbul, Turkey. I would highly encourage you to go to Kuymak Kahvaltı Salonu ve Ev Yemekleri, which was named after a traditional breakfast from the Black Sea Region in Turkey ('kuymak'). We are ready to serve you common Turkish breakfasts. Please refer to pics below for an easier understanding (the last one is the so-called 'kuymak').

In addition to breakfast, you can find some special home-made Turkish soups and other meals, except for kebab, which you can taste it everywhere.

We definitely recommend you to live this breakfast experience in Istanbul.

Best regards,

Kuymak Breakfast and Traditional Foods

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