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Ortaköy Square

Published by Kübra Küçük — one year ago

Ortaköy Mosque/Square

This place is in Ortaköy.Very close to The Bosphorus Bridge.This is 1 of the reasons why it is so beautiful...

The mosque is right underneath the bridge.I love the feeling of that you look up and see the giant bridge above you.

Istanbul Bosphorus is stunning where ever you go in istanbul.I do not know why but the feeling it gives me is so different.I could not get that from any other canals or bosphorus.Maybe it is the history of this city.The age and the architecture.

It is a very busy area.By the sea.There shops,cafes and restaurants.From Ortaköy you can walk to Bebek.And when you get tired on the way back you can get on the bus.

How To Get There

You get here by walking from Beşiktaş square or there are buses go to Bebek/arnavutköy/sarıyer direction,getting on 1 of these buses can help you too.

You can find these buses at Taksim Square,Kabataş,Eminönü and so on.All you have to do is just ask which bus goes by Ortaköy Square and ask the driver to drop you there...

If you wanna go by your own car,then just type "ortaköy square" to your navigation.Very easy to reach there.In rush hours there might be traffic coz people from sarıyer and upper towns go to the other parts of the city and the others do the opposite.So i advice you to go there out of these rush hours ;)

What To Do There

-eat kumpir(which is a baked potatoe with a lot of toppings)

-Nice Restaurants/cafes to enjoy the view,to have a lunch/dinner

-Feed the pigeons

-Have a seat in the area behing the mosque and enjoy your food/drink by the sea

-Get some souvenirs(mostly hand made)

-Visit ortaköy mosque

-Take nice photos

-shoot some ballons(usually nobdy really can coz it is almost always windy there :D









note:again some of the photos arent mine.Just picked from google images.

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Bosphorus Bridge, Ortakoy Mosque

Published by Eser Oner — 4 months ago

Bridge is the first one connecting Europe and Asia. It is one of the symbols of Istanbul and Ortakoy. Also it is main background for any photos in Istanbul. With Ortakoy Mosque they are yhe most popular selfie point of Turkey I guess. These all makes Ortakoy one of the most popular tourşstic places. Ortakoy Kumpir is well known and nationaly famous. Boat tours are also very popular here.

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