Istiklal Street | Cafe, cocktail, beer in Istanbul
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Istiklal Street

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Istanbul's capital of the Istiklal Street

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Taksim Istiklal Street is a street located in Istanbul. It is always crowded because it is visited by lots of people at any time of the day. Here are lots of very popular shops where you can find a large number of brands. It is also a very lively street with awesome restaurants, which is approximately two miles long, and since cars are not allowed, it is a very comfortable pedestrian walking area.

In the middle of the street there is the red historic tram that is very cute. At the evenings there are a large number of bars and nightclubs and turkish activities and entertainment of all sorts that lasts until dawn.


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Istiklal Street and oldcity

Published by Victoria Fleshday

Istanbul Adalar is the easiest to do with Eminonu ferry port and Kabatas ferry from Sultanahmet or Fatih area. In winter, a ferry trip every 45-50 minutes
while there is a 25-30 frequent sea voyage at frequent intervals. There are already seagulls just following a long section of the ferry that goes alone to the Marmara Sea. At first exit barcelona airport transfer
Boshorus, the natural wonder we defined as our daughter is the European continent, while the other side is taken entirely within the borders of Asia. European continent
The palaces, mostly built during the Ottoman imperial period, are school mansions and mansions. Newly built are extremely few buildings and buildings. Buddha to Ottoman aesthetics
made properly. The first bridge, which is very impressive under the feet of Ortaköy and on the other side there is a mosque belonging to Dolmabahce. Big Island
and lasted over an hour of sea voyage. The first Kinali Burgas and finally the island of Heybeli are the first to come up to the big island. Among them is the most beautiful coast and
sandy beach has big island. It is very spacious and more and more people first visit other islands after visiting the Big Island. In each case, of course, the car is forbidden
making it much more enjoyable. here is a definite surprise when it comes to about 100 years back with time travel and used in that period of the horse drawn phaeton incredible
It was nice.

Istanbul was recently built and accepted as one of the world's leading airports. Although the city center before
it was built in the place of Yeşilköy, which is much closer. Here, although the transportation is much shorter by metro, we prefer Tranigo over the Internet.
Black Mercedes Vito vehicle in the style of an apart-hotel was located near Sultanahmet. Evening sunset in Istanbul
historic oldcity is able to see a different beauty. However, we got out of the hotel in the 1 + 1 studio style and followed by the Tranway road before Cemberlitaş Sutun
We passed it. There are Hippodrome and Sultanahmet Square which is the place where the historical Sultanahmet is the most rudeness. Before the East Roman Emperor Constantine
have an outgoing date. On the back side, there is the Rectorate building of MarMara University which is surrounded by Hippodrome. Hippodrome right side is between Chestnut
The rest of the trees are the Blu mosque. On the other hand, there are a few nice hookah and cafe halls, the Turkish Islamic Museum, and the Tapu Cadastre.
building. There is a German fountain at the point where the Hippidrome meets Divanyolu. Sultan Mehmet Hagia, the most famous commander of the Ottoman Empire in 1453
Sophia was first mosque during this period. Historical houses made of Hagia Sophia and Topkapi palae
Have a significant budget hotels after the restoration. Finally, there is Gülhane PArkı just above our way. In fact, the garden of Topkapi palace
some of them were opened to the public. Believe that there is a wide variety of centuries-old trees and people take plenty of pictures of a green woodland area. View Gülhane's Full Profile london airport transfer
Bosphours and the Marmara Sea from one section to the bottom of the sea adds a feeling. In the time of Sultan Abdulaziz time after the girl tower and much more
made able to watch the Dolmabahce palace.

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