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See the Sea Life Below Turkey's Waters at the Istanbul Aquarium!

Published by flag-us Kaelin Priger — 4 years ago

Istanbul is a city surrounded by water. Between the Bosphorus Strait that slices the city in half, the Black Sea in the North, and the Sea of Marmara at the South, the sea is a big deal in this large Turkish city. You are never far from the "deniz" ("sea" in Turkish). Have you ever wondered what lies beneath those blue waters? Then the Istanbul Aquarium is the place to go!



The Istanbul Aquarium is located in the Aqua Florya mall, which lies along the water's edge near Yesilkoy. This is a great place to visit before jetting out on a trip, as it is very close to the Ataturk airport. You can even watch the planes fly right over the mall - a beautiful sight.

The aquarium houses many exhibits based on different locations in the world - from the regions around Turkey (the Black Sea, Aegean Sea, and Meditteranean Sea) to the North Pole, South Pole, and rain forests. With all of these exhibits, you really get to see a wide range of animals that live in many different environments. What a treat when you are in a big city.

Plus, there are some non-fish species as well! I was so excited to see sting rays, capybara, sharks, and penguins at the aquarium. That's something that you don't get to see every day.



In total, it took me and my friends about 1. 5 hours to slowly wander through the aquarium. We enjoyed sitting and admiring the many large tanks, and even getting to stick our heads up into some of them through special domed viewing spots. One of my favorite parts of the aquarium didn't even involve any fish; they have a wall that mimics the side of a cargo ship going through the Suez Canal, and you can even place your hand against it and feel the vibrations of the "engine room"!

Going to the aquarium is a great way to spend a sunny day or a rainy day in Istanbul, and it is quite a different kind of experience from wandering the many streets in this city. If you are up for something new, this is an experience to try out.



Special tip for getting a good ticket price: See if you can buy your ticket in advance online, as the online prices are about 4 TL cheaper than the price you will pay at the aquarium. If you are a student, there is a special student price that will save you about 18 TL. You will need to have proof of being a student (a student bus card or your university ID will do) in order to get this special price.


Enjoy this special look at the life beneath the waves, without even having to get your feet wet.

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