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    Booking Inexpensive Weekend Trips from Istanbul

    Living in Istanbul is amazing for many reasons, and one reason is the easy and inexpensive traveling options to other cities!  While I lived in Istanbul, I traveled to over 10 other countries, all while either studying or working full-time (and on a low...

    0 by Kaelin in Erasmus tips, 19 hours ago
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    Science on Tap ~ A Free Happy Hour + Lecture Series

    This past July, my friend sent me a text. "Want to go to a free lecture at the aquarium?" I was in! What I didn't realize is that Science on Tap is so much more than a free science lecture - it is a free happy-hour networking event as well!  The Smithsonian sponsors...

    0 by Kaelin in Erasmus tips, 3 days ago
  • Place

    Raging Taco and Burrito

    I love the city of Decatur. The artsy vibe is amazing and there are a ton of great restaurants. Today, I tried a new one: Raging Taco and Burrito. It's been on the Decatur square for a while, and I was glad to give it a try at lunch time.  It was great to find out that...

    by Kaelin in Where to eat Decatur, 6 days ago
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    Arts Festivals Year-Round in Piedmont Park

    Piedmont Park is one of the most gorgeous places in Atlanta. Visit it on any given day and you will see frisbee and kickball games being played in the green spaces, people enjoying some reading on picnic blankets, and a rainbow umbrella or two marking the spots of King...

    0 by Kaelin in Erasmus tips, 6 days ago
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    Free admission into the High Museum of Art

    The High Museum of Art is the best art museum in all of Atlanta. It features contemporary and historical art from all over the world. The High houses vast permanent collections and often has amazing temporary exhibits on display.  How to get free admission into the...

    0 by Kaelin in Erasmus tips, 6 days ago
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    High Museum of Art

    Art is something that brings us together. It makes us stop and think, viewing the world from someone else's perspective. It gives us something to experience together and talk about, delving into deep topics that don't normally surface at the dinner table.  What would...

    by Kaelin in What to see Atlanta, 7 days ago
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    8 Hour Layover in Amsterdam!

    Layovers can be tricky. How long is long enough to leave the airport and go exploring? There have been times when I have spent hours inside of an airport, just wondering what the country is like around me. Landing in a new place and not getting to adventure in it can be...

    1 by Kaelin in Erasmus tips, 9 days ago
  • New photos in Atlanta

    gallery updated, 9 days ago
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    Rembrandt's Coffee House

    Chattanooga, Tennessee is a wonderful city to visit. Situated up in the mountains, the air is fresh (especially because most of the local buses are electric...and free!) and the people are friendly. Runners and cyclists pass you all the time, and it is very easy to walk...

    by Kaelin in Where to eat Chattanooga, 11 days ago
  • New photos in Vienna

    gallery updated, 11 days ago
  • Place

    Benazio Coffee

    One of my favorite places in Istanbul is Kadikoy. Anytime I would have a free afternoon or Saturday while living in Istanbul, Kadikoy was the place I would head. Their coffee shops, great views, and quiet back streets were paradise for me.  One day while in Rasimpasa,...

    by Kaelin in Where to eat Istanbul, 11 days ago
  • New photos in London

    gallery updated, 11 days ago
  • New photos in Salzburg

    gallery updated, 11 days ago
  • Place

    Refuge Coffee Co.

    Refuge Coffee Co. sits in the middle of an area called "the most diverse square mile in America." If Time magazine says it, it must be true, right? When you enter Clarkston, you will see that it is indeed true. Clarkston is an area of Atlanta where many refugees and...

    by Kaelin in Where to eat Atlanta, 13 days ago
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    Enjoy Southern-style Potato Salad, Vegan Edition

    In Atlanta, Georgia, we are in the heart of the South. Our families love to cook "soul food" also known as food that just makes your soul content. Soul food includes stuff like chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes, biscuits with gravy, fried chicken and...potato...

    0 by Kaelin in Erasmus recipes, 14 days ago
  • Blog

    Turkish Words and Phrases You Should Learn!

    Before I moved to Istanbul for 4 months to be an exchange student, I learned some common Turkish phrases from my friends. These phrases (and more that I learned once I arrived) were very helpful in getting around the city and being able to shop, eat at cafes and...

    0 by Kaelin in Erasmus tips, 16 days ago
  • Blog

    National Coffee Day! Great Coffee Shops All Over the World.

    Today, September 29th, is National Coffee Day in the United States! Celebrate the day on an international scale by visiting a great coffee shop in your area. Here are some of the best coffee shops that I have ever visited, and they are located all over the world. See...

    0 by Kaelin in Erasmus news, 17 days ago
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    Tips for 1 day in Munich

    I spent just one day in Munich this past summer, but it was one of the best parts of my long trip through Austria and Germany. I wandered around the city on a Saturday with my family, and we had an amazing time. Here are some tips for how we spent our day in the city!...

    0 by Kaelin in Erasmus tips, 17 days ago
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    Drift Sidewalk Cafe

    In August, I was in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan visiting a friend and she told me about this amazing coffee shop that she wanted to take me to. As we hung out with her friends that week, she kept mentioning - "I'm going to take her to Drift."  Drift Sidewalk Cafe. When we...

    by Kaelin in Where to eat Saskatoon, 18 days ago
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    Tulip Festival in Istanbul ~ Beauty in April

    Istanbul is a beautiful city in the spring, but one special aspect of the city makes all the difference: The tulips. "Lale" in Turkish, the tulips that are famous in the Netherlands actually came from Turkey. Istanbul in particular takes great pride in this beautiful...

    0 by Kaelin in Erasmus blog Istanbul, 18 days ago
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    Kadıköy ~ Your New Favorite "Semt"

    "Semt" in Turkish really translates to "neighborhood." Because Istanbul is such a large city, you end up identifying a lot of areas by neighborhood. For example, Beşiktaş is a key neighborhood where many students spend their time, as the food is cheap and there are...

    0 by Kaelin in Erasmus blog Istanbul, 19 days ago
  • Blog

    Why I loved studying at Bogazici University

    When I first looked at studying as an exchange student in Turkey, I had 2 options: Bogazici University and Bilkent University. These two universities had partner programs with my university (Georgia Institute of Technology), which allowed me to have a set protocol for...

    0 by Kaelin in Erasmus blog BU , 19 days ago
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    Merhaba Shawarma

    Sometimes you just need a really good falafel wrap. Ok, make that always! Whether  you are an Atlanta native or an international student studying in the city, there are probably many days where you could do with some really good mediterranean cuisine.  Now, you have...

    by Kaelin in Where to eat Atlanta, 20 days ago
  • Blog

    How to Spend a Weekend in Atlanta

    Atlanta is my home city, and although I currently live in the suburbs, I love to drive into town on a weekend and enjoy the many fun events and unique places that Atlanta has to offer. If I had a friend visiting for a weekend, this is how I would show them around the...

    0 by Kaelin in Erasmus blog Atlanta, 21 days ago
  • Place

    Rumeli Hisar (Rumeli Fortress)

    One of the first places I visited when I became an exchange student at Bogazici University was Rumeli Hisari. I loved being able to tell my friends back home - "I have a fortress in my neighborhood!" Rumeli Hisari sits along the Bogaz (Bosphorus Strait) and makes for a...

    by Kaelin in What to see Istanbul, 21 days ago

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