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    Beaver Creek Conservation Area

    I love living in cities. The hustle, metros and buses everywhere, the abundance of close-by cafes, and easy access to friends; that's where I love to be. But nature...that's a different story. The feeling of taking a deep breath of petrol-free air. The sensation of the...

    by Kaelin in What to see Saskatoon, 9 days ago
  • Experience

    Heritage Days in Edmonton, Alberta!

    I recently visited Edmonton, Alberta to see a close friend and to learn more about this Canadian city. While in Edmonton, we spent a day at the Heritage Days Festival, where the various cultures of Edmonton's residents are celebrated each year. This year, 100 countries...

    0 by Kaelin in Erasmus experiences Edmonton, 10 days ago
  • Place

    Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo

    Saskatoon is a beautiful city, located in Saskatchewan, Canada. This city is home to the University of Saskatchewan, which is a great research university that even has a synchrotron. I was happy to visit Saskatoon on a recent trip to see friends, and exploring the city...

    by Kaelin in What to see Saskatoon, 10 days ago
  • Blog

    A Long Weekend in Edmonton

    Although I call North America my home, before this past week I had never actually traveled to Canada. Isn't that strange, seeing as it is so close?! I think it is very common for a lot of Americans to never go visit our northern neighbors, but I wasn't satisfied with...

    0 by Kaelin in Erasmus blog Edmonton, 10 days ago
  • Blog

    Salzburg ~ Refreshing and Breath-taking

    We stepped out of the train station, a few hours of relaxing train travel under our belts. Coming from the bustling and busy Vienna, we had a mysterious and beautiful view of Salzburg in our minds. The thought of taking a break from the big city for a bit of glorious...

    0 by Kaelin in Erasmus blog Salzburg, 19 days ago
  • Blog

    A Few Lovely Days in London

    The clouds were thick overhead and a cool wind was blowing. Suddenly the overcast sky parted and the sun shone through in its golden brilliance, casting a warm light on the airport below. "What is that?" an airport worker asked in bewilderment, as she stared up at the...

    0 by Kaelin in Erasmus blog London, 21 days ago
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    Shakespeare Tavern

    When I was in elementary school, I went to my first Shakespeare play, "Twelfth Night". Ever since then, I have loved the rhythm of the scripts, the costumes, and the unique humor of these productions. Shakespeare did indeed give the world a beautiful gift in each of...

    by Kaelin in What to see Atlanta, 23 days ago
  • Blog

    Paris ~ Love at First Sight

    A few days in Paris, France is enough to take your breath away. I grew up reading book after book about France, the royal family, and the history of this artistic and extravagant country. From reading of the exploits of the Count of Monte Cristo and the carriage rides...

    0 by Kaelin in Erasmus blog Paris, 23 days ago
  • Place

    Palais Garnier

    Last summer, I ventured to Paris, France for the very first time. The blocks of cream-colored buildings that come to a point on each street corner were exactly as they look in pictures, and I was amazed at the relaxed pace of life and the abundance of history that I had...

    by Kaelin in What to see Paris, 24 days ago
  • Blog

    Turkish Hospitality ~ How Everyone Is Family

    My first experience of living outside of the United States occurred in the fall of 2013. That semester, I moved to Istanbul as an exchange student at Bogazici University. During those first weeks, there were many parts of life that I had to adjust to, like shopping in...

    1 by Kaelin in Erasmus blog Istanbul, 25 days ago
  • Place

    Ponce City Market

    Whether you are studying in Atlanta at one of the big universities, or visiting the city over a weekend while studying in the Southeast, you are sure to want to visit PCM. Ponce City Market first opened a few years ago, but the novelty behind this creative, community...

    by Kaelin in What to do Atlanta, 26 days ago
  • Place

    Stone Summit Indoor Climbing Gym

    In Atlanta, the weather can be crazy during the summer. One minute, it can be a blistering 90+ degrees Fahrenheit,  and the next minute a raging thunderstorm is on your door step.  This can make it tough to do outdoor activities with friends, but we have found the...

    by Kaelin in What to do Atlanta, 27 days ago
  • Place

    St. Peter's Church

    On our first full day in the city of Munich, my family headed via the underground metro to see the famous Rathaus (the old town hall), with its playful, moving clock and gorgeous architecture. Across from the Rathaus is an old church, St. Peter's Church to be exact. It...

    by Kaelin in What to see Munich, one month ago
  • Place

    Max Pett

    I came up out of the metro, riding on the escalator and taking in the world around me as the sunlight came into view. Before I was even able to spot the famous Rathaus, with its moving and entertaining clock and breath-taking architecture, I spotted something else: ...

    by Kaelin in Where to eat Munich, one month ago
  • Blog

    Needed: German Words for a Weekend Trip

    This past week I travelled through Austria and Germany, both homes to a challenging and somewhat-rough sounding language: German.  I had tried to learn some common German phrases through the online, language-learning program, Mango, before taking this trip. It's great...

    0 by Kaelin in Erasmus blog Germany, one month ago
  • Place

    Untersberg ~ Gondola Ride and Mountain-top View

    In Salzburg, you are forever surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and cloud-topped peaks. The green fields and crops give way to these magnificent monsters that cover the horizon. They simply take your breath away, as the storms roll over them and the sun shines on...

    by Kaelin in What to do Salzburg, one month ago
  • Blog

    Vienna ~ Music to My Ears

    Vienna, Austria is a city filled with music, fashion, and gilded gold. My friends had told me that Vienna was a beautiful city, but I didn’t truly understand what they meant until I saw it for myself. This past week, I spent 3.5 days in Vienna, my first trip to...

    0 by Kaelin in Erasmus blog Vienna, one month ago
  • Place

    Belvedere Palace

    When my family headed to Belvedere Palace, I was expecting to see once again many royal apartments and paintings of the imperial family, such as we had seen at other palaces in Vienna. However, I was much surprised to see that this beautiful palace has been turned into...

    by Kaelin in What to see Vienna, one month ago
  • Place

    Schönnbrunn Palace

    I recently traveled to Vienna with my family, and on our first full day in the city we decided to visit Schonbrunn Palace. I wasn't sure what to expect, but as we turned the corner and saw the immense palace in view, I was sure that it was going to be beautiful. Our...

    by Kaelin in What to see Vienna, one month ago
  • Place

    GustaV ~ Vegan Cafe in Salzburg

    Sometimes, traveling as a vegan can take a bit of extra work, especially in meat-loving countries. Thanksfully, makes our lives easier! While traveling through Austria, my dad searched and found that Salzburg has its very own vegan cafe! After...

    by Kaelin in Where to eat Salzburg, one month ago
  • Place

    Istanbul Aquarium at Aqua Florya

    Istanbul is a city surrounded by water. Between the Bosphorus Strait that slices the city in half, the Black Sea in the North, and the Sea of Marmara at the South, the sea is a big deal in this large Turkish city. You are never far from the "deniz" ("sea" in Turkish)....

    by Kaelin in What to do Istanbul, 2 months ago
  • Blog

    Island Time on the Prince's Islands

    Living in a crowded city can sometimes be overwhelming. Istanbul is unique in that a relaxing, beach-side getaway is less than an hour away. With ferries (vapur) setting off from Eminönü, Kadiköy, Beşiktaş, and Bostancı each day for the Prince's Islands (Adalar),...

    0 by Kaelin in Erasmus blog Istanbul, 2 months ago
  • Blog

    First Experience in a Turkish Grocery Store

    I walked in slowly, hesitantly. This was all very different to me, and I wasn’t sure what to do first. What to look for. Where to go. My eyes searched around, hoping that I didn’t look too lost, but knowing at the same time that I was indeed just that. I spied an...

    1 by Kaelin in Erasmus blog Istanbul, 2 months ago
  • Place

    Wiseguy NY Pizza

    Boğaziçi University is located in the beautiful neighborhood of Rümelihisarüstü, right above the Bosphorus with lots of stunning views. Because of the large student population, this area is full of affordable and high-quality cafes and restaurants, markets and...

    by Kaelin in Where to eat Istanbul, 2 months ago
  • Blog

    A Nice Trip to Nice

    I had always dreamed of traveling to France, ever since my childhood when I curled up with The Count of Monte Cristo in hand and watched French movies with my family, just to hear the beautiful language.  Last year, my dream came true. My first trip to France was...

    0 by Kaelin in Erasmus blog Nice, 2 months ago

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