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Erasmus United States

  • Experience

    Experience in University of Arkansas System, United States by salvador

    Generally, what is University of Arkansas System like? The campus is very political. Students need to be careful because they will be blackballed. Administrations nor faculty do not like to take responsibilities for their mistakes. The Arkansas university system also...

    0 by salvador in Erasmus experiences UofA , 3 days ago
  • Roommate

    23 year old guy looking for accommodation in manhattan or brooklyn

    This september I will start my education as an actor at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. For these two years I am looking for amazing roommates. I am a friendly, easy-going, laid-back and clean Swiss/Brazilian. I love hanging out with friends,  watching movies...

    in Roommates New York, 4 days ago
  • Roommate

    looking for a room in Boston

    Hi, i'm a french student and i'm moving to boston in september for my business bachelor. Im looking for an accomodation near to cambridge or close to a subway station. Im easy to live and im a funny girl. I know how to cook french and im a clean person. Let me know if...

    in Roommates Boston, 4 days ago
  • Accommodation

    Appartement near Boston center for international student or interns

    Hello, we are a group of friends of 3 people and we are looking for 2 roommates. We are French and we are on an academic exchange to study at UMass Boston, we have found a very well located apartment (Savin Hill in Dorchester) and close to the center but we are looking...

  • Roommate

    We are looking for 2 international roomates

    Hello, we are a group of friends of 3 people and we are looking for 2 roommates. We are French and we are on an academic exchange to study at UMass Boston, we have found a very well located apartment (Savin Hill in Dorchester) and close to the center but we are looking...

    in Roommates Boston, 6 days ago
  • Accommodation

    1bedroom apartment for rent.

    It’s has a very good location and it’s very close to the campus, very Nice place to stay.  Apartment which is a large private 1bedroom apartment style with a full bathroom, it's own entrance, parking, access to kitchen. Close to shopping, restaurants and seconds...

  • Roommate

    studio for rent

    Hi, I am Arya Dabbagh, male, US citizen, speak fluent English, little French, have been in Paris the last four months attending Schiller international universit, studying business. I am in my third year of college and love my major . I am easy to get along with,...

    in Roommates Irvine, 9 days ago
  • Place

    Santa Monica Peer

    The Santa Monica Peer is one of the coolest places I have visited in the United States of America. Maybe that's also the case because I have visited that place also in Grand Theft Auto :D I didn't know before that this place exists for real. Sometimes the kid inside...

    by Dangerous in What to do Los Angeles, 12 days ago
  • Experience

    Between Homelessness and Beauty

    San Francisco was the first American city I have visited in my life, I have been there for about 2 weeks in total. It's so different to the cities I have already been to and very impressive. Of course, like every city, there are some pros and cons. General I like the...

  • Accommodation

    private unfurnished bedroom

    Available now apartment  w/d in unit off-street parking private bath private room wheelchair accessible  month to month unfurnished private detached full restroom. private bedroom. private closet in rancho cucamonga. all monthly fees include utilities. $400...

  • New photos in Rancho Cucamonga

    gallery updated, 16 days ago
  • Accommodation

    See Chicago

    Quiet and safe neighborhood on northwest side. Come stay in my small apartment. I'm an American and there are internationals in the building. I speak Spanish and some Japanese. We can eat together sometimes at home, and visit the city. I will happily drive you around...

    in University dorms Chicago, 17 days ago
  • Experience

    Experience in San Francisco, United States by Irfan

    What is it like to live in San Francisco? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? I would not recommend living in San Francisco for more than two months, in order to remove any curiosity than anyone might have about the place. When I first visited for...

    0 by Irfan in Erasmus experiences San Francisco, 17 days ago
  • Roommate

    24 years girl, looking for a accommodation in Crete

    I'm looking for a roomate how likes to talk, and have a different nationality then mine, how could help me improve my Greek. I want a clean person to to share a apartment. I'm not looking for a specif location for the apartment. My only requirement is to have my own...

    in Roommates Crete, 19 days ago
  • Roommate

    German girl looking for 5 month accomodation in New York

    Hi :) I am Birte, 20 years old and an international student from Germany. I’ll be doing a semester abroad in New York for 5 months. I will studying at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering in Brooklyn from the 26th of August to the beginning of January 2019. I am...

    in Roommates New York, 20 days ago
  • Roommate

    24 year old student from Berlin (Germany), starting my exchange semester at Baruch College in August and looking for accomodatio

    Hi everyone! I am Nico, 24 years old and from Berlin (Germany). Currently I'm studying Business Administration and  working as  student-trainee/intern at the sales division of Mercedes-Benz Cars in the second year.  My exchange semester at the Baruch College will...

    in Roommates Manhattan, 28 days ago
  • Roommate

    apartment studio

    Good afternoon, my daughter is studying at the University of Washington, and she wants to move to a studio apartment near the University. What options do they have? How is the payment ? How much is paid at the beginning? I would like a studio apartment with kitchen and...

    in Roommates Seattle, one month ago
  • Roommate

    Fun roomates in Washington

    Hello guys!  My name is julia, I'm a french student! I'm looking for roomates in Washington! I will study for one year at georgetown! I'm looking for a flat to share with americans or stranger roomates.I speak french, english and a bit of spanish. I like to spend time...

    in Roommates Washington, one month ago
  • Accommodation

    Room in a shared residence in Wales

     I have one beautiful room that has come Availble The house is situated in Treforest Pontypridd Postcode (CF37 1RX) right by the university of Glamorgan, and is of a very high standard just been completely decorated throughout, the house is a very very clean and tidy...

  • Accommodation

    Furnished Studio Apartment

    Large, comfortable room with a double bed and queen size bed. Beautiful and spacious furnished rooms. Double bed wardrobe and desk Equipped internet wifi kitchen and bathroom full, washing marching, microwave, heating, TV Large, Bright and quiet apartment. The bedroom...

    in Studios Seattle, one month ago
  • Roommate

    relaxed 25 year old swiss guy, looking for a shared accommodation in Chicago

    This fall I'm going to study at the University of Illinois for one semester. I'm from Lucerne, Switzerland, interested in art, culture, movies, politics and all kind of funny stuff. I love relaxed evenings with a glass of wine or beer and interesting discussions or easy...

    in Roommates Chicago, one month ago
  • Roommate

    Musician looking for accommodation in Boston for 6 weeks

    Hi! Im Cristian, a musician from Chile. Im going to boston to study with Bassist Oscar Stagnaro. I will be in the city since the 15th of march, to the 25th of april. I will study with headphone, so I promise I will be silent :) Im postulating to a scholarship, so I need...

    in Roommates Boston, one month ago
  • Roommate

    24 yo female student looking for accommodation in Manhattan

    I am 24 yo student form Prague looking for temporary accommodation in or near to Manhattan. Beside my law studies I work at law firm in Prague. I am gonna take an internship in Czech Center (kind of organization under the czech Ministry of Foreing Affairs) during the...

    in Roommates New York, one month ago
  • Blog

    Creating an Effective Resume

    Your resume looks good; but is it an effective resume? If you have had few or no interviews, your good looking resume is a failure. Get some advice from An effective resume gets you interviews! With a little work and research, your good looking resume...

    0 by peter in Erasmus blog Los Angeles, one month ago
  • Roommate

    22 year old girl looking for a brickell apartment/studio

    I'm 22 years old. I travel from Uruguay for work and study, I would like to know the city and its surroundings in my free time. I am very sociable, orderly and responsible. I like to play sports and play field hockey in my country. I would prefer not to share the space...

    in Roommates Miami, 2 months ago
  • Place

    Cheesecake factory

    Cheesecake factory What is the first thing you think of when I say that there is a restaurant, called the Cheesecake factory, and how does it make you feel? My answer when I heard that for the first time, was: ‘Oh my God, I love cheesecakes, and I have to go there...

    by Katja in Where to eat Dayton, 2 months ago
  • Place

    Six Flags Great Adventure

    Six Flags great adventure - it really is great! It is not a secret to anyone that even remotely knows me (and even you, since I keep writing about this quite a lot), that I love amusement parks. The bigger, faster and intense the rides in an amusement park are, the more...

    by Katja in What to do Jackson, 2 months ago
  • Place

    McCormick and Schmick's

    Earlier today, my friend told me a joke: ‘I am on a seafood diet - whenever I see food, I eat it.’ Read it out loud, hopefully you will get it. And why am I telling you this? Because that joke reminded me of my recent visit to a famous seafood restaurant, called...

    by Katja in Where to eat Dayton, 2 months ago
  • Place

    Jo Ann

    Jo Ann - arts and crafts store If you are like me and your hobby includes engaging in different arts and crafts activities, then you will love this store. Jo Ann offers everything you need to fulfill your creative needs. How did I find out about this store? I was quite...

    by Katja in What to see Dayton, 2 months ago
  • Blog

    Valentino given much kudos

    During the Swans' stirring run to tomorrow's preliminary final, those jobs have been performed with quiet aplomb. In the qualifying final, he held Port Adelaide's Tredrea to only one goal and in round 20 in Brisbane, he did not let Lynch get a kick. Yet on neither...

    0 by Deruon in Erasmus blog New York, 2 months ago
  • Place

    Big Sky

    Planning a ski vacation in Big Sky, Montana I have been skiing since the extremely young age of four. At that age, I was a little annoyed by my parents, trying to teach me how to ski, but now, I sincerely appreciate it. During my travels all around the globe, I have met...

    by Katja in What to do Billings, 2 months ago
  • Place

    Saint Clair Avenue

    Exploring the Saint Clair Avenue in Cleveland The city of Cleveland is situated in Ohio, on the shores of the beautiful lake Erie. Cleveland used to be a very important industrial city in the past with a lot of different factories. Unfortunately, most of them do not...

    by Katja in What to see Cleveland, 2 months ago
  • Place


    IHOP - International house of pancakes When I moved to the United states of America almost two years ago, I immediately noticed that American people value good breakfast. Two of the most popular breakfast items in the United states are fluffy pancakes and french toast,...

    by Katja in Where to eat Dayton, 2 months ago
  • Place

    The Greene

    The Greene shopping center - my favourite outdoor shopping village I love walking through shopping centers, even though I have to say that I am not a big fan of traditional shopping. I am more of a window shopper, and I would never spend hours and hours, just walking...

    by Katja in What to do Dayton, 2 months ago
  • Place

    Dayton country club

    Dayton country club When I still lived in Europe, I never noticed any popular country clubs. Well, me not noticing it absolutely does not mean there are no country clubs over there, but in the United states of America, every bigger city usually has not only one, but...

    by Katja in What to do Dayton, 2 months ago
  • Place


    Bogart’s Cincinnati - the best venue for life shows If you are a concert freak like me, and you like smaller, more intimate venues where even big names sometimes perform, then check out a place, called Bogart’s Cincinnati - you will not regret it! This small venue,...

    by Katja in Erasmus party Cincinnati, 2 months ago
  • Place

    Olympic training center

    A visit to the USA Olympic training center in Colorado springs During winter break, I took a ski vacation in an amazing ski resort in Colorado, called Breckenridge. But before reaching a ski resort, I spent a full day in a little city near Denver, called Colorado...

    by Katja in What to see Colorado Springs, 2 months ago
  • Place

    Dunkin Donuts

    Coffee and donuts at Dunkin Donuts   Tempting? I know, right! While the famous coffee chain, Starbucks, is tremendously popular both in Europe and in the United states of America, I cannot say the same thing for Dunkin donuts. Well, I have seen a Dunkin coffee...

    by Katja in Cafe, cocktail, beer Dayton, 2 months ago
  • Blog

    SICSA animal shelter

    Volunteering at SICSA animal shelter Stray animals are a particularly big problem in most of Europe. Basically everywhere you go, you will see stray animals. Well, not all of them are starving, because people feed them. An example of well fed stray animals are the...

    0 by Katja in Erasmus blog Dayton, 2 months ago
  • Roommate

    19 year old girl, looking for accommodation in Boston

    Hi,  I'm looking for a room to rent while I am on an exchnage year in Boston as part of my degree course (Eduction with Psychology at the University of Bath). During the year I will be working as a Research Assitant at Emerson College. I am very friendly and easy going...

    in Roommates Boston, 2 months ago

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