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Ramada and Park Dedeman Hotels

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Best Hotels in Elazig

Published by Madalina Creta


Once again i feel the need to justify myself for why is so hard to find places and cities in the above category. For Turkey is tremendously impossible in trying to write about other city which is not Istanbul and Ankara. After 3 emails sent and the promise that they will add my cities and universities and i am still waiting 3 months later. Come on guys please add my cities!

So as you may get a contradiction from the title indeed this post is about the hotels situated in the city of Elazig not Istanbul but due to this inconveniences there is no city option to choose from, hopefully with my 4th email they will fix it as soon as possible!

Leak of variety

First time when i was preparing to come to Elazig which was around September last year i went into booking app and realized that are not so many options of hotels and hostels in Elazig, actually there were just 10 hotels available from which 5 or 6 they were 4 star and others just 2 stars and i guess one hostel but outside the city. It is truly an issue when you don't have from where to choose from. What i did, i booked one week of staying at the Ramada hotel in Elazig which looked the best out there with the best rate and price and of course location.

Ramada Elazig

Best Hotels in Elazig

I didn't knew too much things about the Ramada chain of hotels just i remembered that i also saw it in Romania and different cities, but from the booking it was looking very luxury and with a lot to offer. So i was pretty excited to arrive in Elazig and check in. As i said i booked it for one week, the prices back then were around 25 euros per day if i remember good and i know after check out i paid around 180 euros total.

Now if you look in the booking.com price per night is around 55 euros so i guess i was so lucky back then that i scored an amazing price.

We arrived in Elazig around 4 am and we headed straight to the hotel which is super close to my university, Firat University, like 1 minute walk from the campus and also 50 meters away from Carrefour supermarket, so the location is an A+. The reception guy was pretty friendly and Muhammet, my boyfriend, hit it off with off with him from the first time meaning they became friendly so fast. He spoke very bad English but this is normal case in Turkey so i did not had many expectations. We checked in and the bell boy took our luggage and we headed to our room. I may say the hallway and the elevator were super luxury, so far i pleased.

The room was extremely big i guess around 60 square meters with extra king bed, sitting area, minibar, bathroom, splendid view and all the utilities within.

Best Hotels in Elazig

Sorry for the mess but i feel like all the hotel rooms are messy once you arrive or this is just a cliche.

Best Hotels in Elazig

King bed

Best Hotels in Elazig

Pillow menu, now this is great and never seen it before. There were inside at least 20 pillow options from where to choose from.

Best Hotels in Elazig

Nice plasma Television with a bunch of international channels which was awesome, even though all i watch is BBC and Al Jazeera news.

We were at the 5th floor and we had on one side the view above the city of Elazig which is not so wow but is Elazig so the expectations were not so high about the city. Here it is a view from my window.

Best Hotels in Elazig

Typical Middle East city, no offense at all.

Best Hotels in Elazig

Here is a panoramic view of the room, even if you cannot see it pretty well the room was large and so cozy.

Other facilities that were included was breakfast between 7am -11am and it was buffet so they had many options for breakfast which it was amazing and every morning i was so anxious to head down for breakfast. Everything from fruits to variety of honey, cereals, cooked meals, omelette and you name it everything indeed. It was so worth it the price.

The spa which featured a gym room, a bit small but still accessible, a steam room which i totally loved and used every day, a sauna which i tried only once but is a long process and i don't have so much patience and a Turkish hammam which was the best ever and me and Muhammet we spend every afternoon there, so worth it! And yes they were all included in the price, no extra costs!

Best Hotels in Elazig

There are more pictures with me in the South Eastern blog post about Elazig, i just don't want to repeat the same pics in 2 blog posts.

Prices per adult per night :

  • single room 39 euros
  • supper story single room 52 euros
  • superior room 66 euros
  • Conclusion about Ramada

    Sincerely after the week spend there i have returned in Ramada another 2 times and is for sure my number 1 place in Elazig and probably whenever i travel in other cities and my budget will allow me i will choose Ramada for sure.

    Good services and good quality and is a luxury hotel i have nothing to complain so i totally recommend it!

    Park Dedeman Hotel

    Dedeman hotel is a brand new hotel in Elazig, it was not open by the time i was coming to Elazig, i guess they open it around the starting of this summer. How i know is that my boyfriend Muhammet is currently working there as a receptionist during the summer season. So i have a lot of contact with the hotel and i can share with you some tips and prices.

    Best Hotels in Elazig

    Pro and Cons

    I will start with the cons :

    • Very far away from the city and from airport, around 20 minutes drive from my campus.
    • Nobody speaks English as well in reception only my boyfriend.
    • Terrible design, from far away it looks like a factory, sorry but is true
    • Extremely high prices per quality
    • Looks so much similar to Ramada which i may thing the copy the room styles.

    The pro's on the other hand :

    • Is a 4 star hotel, modern and well equipped
    • Provides a great spa with Thai massage from original Thai lady
    • Indoor pool which Ramada does not have it
    • Around 500 rooms

    Best Hotels in Elazig

    It is close to Medical Park hospital which is always a pro.

    Best Hotels in Elazig

    Great reception as well and interior

    Best Hotels in Elazig

    Huge hallway and sitting area

    Best Hotels in Elazig

    Close up

    Best Hotels in Elazig

    Best Hotels in Elazig

    Business corner, small but you have the option to spend time on the computer or on the internet in case you don't have a laptops. Ramada is leaking this so it's a plus for Dedeman.

    Price list per night, 1 adult :

  • double room 68 euros
  • deluxe double room 78 euros
  • suit single 100 euros
  • Conclusion about Dedeman hotel

    Most of the customers are business type and 80% of them come from Asia and Europe so i recommend this place only for business not if you come for touristic purpose because city center is far away.

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