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100 Montaditos

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It's better to continue looking

Translated by flag-gb Mike Williams — one year ago

Original text by flag- Andres PSZ

Hello! The post about cheap places to eat and drink is quite good in my opinion, but I think that in Madrid there are much better places than "la Sureña" or "100 Montaditos", which continue to be bars that you can find in almost any provincial capital (especially 100 Montaditos) and are nothing special. In my opinion, they are respectable places where you know what you are going to find for a quick fix, but in terms of being places that I'd recommend, they leave a lot to be desired. "100 Montaditos" is a clear example that people don't like searching very much, as although they have a very large menu, they know everything is the same from restaurant to restaurant. The best thing about "la sureña" is the bucket of bottles, which works out fairly well for a group of people.

Best regards

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