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La creperie easycrep

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La creperie easycrep since 1981

Translated by Natalia Ceballos — 14 days ago

Original text by Alba H. Pérez

Hello everybody! A few days ago I went out with some friends and we had dinner at this amazing creperie. One of my friends had already been there and she was delighted with the crepes, and to be honest we all end up satisfied with them.

There's a huge variety of salty and sweet crepes. You can also eat saldas, burgers and hot dogs. Of course there are very delicious starters. Here I leave the menu with the different crepes that can be chosen.

La creperie easycrep since 1981 Menu of the sweet crepes and their prices.

La creperie easycrep since 1981 Menu of the salty crepes and their prices

I ate crepe filled with bechamel sauce, mushrooms and chicken. It was delicious!

La creperie easycrep since 1981"Crepe campestre" with French fries.

As for dessert, I truly recommend the crepe with vainilla ice cream, strawberry jam and some Gran Marnier licor. It was incredible!

La creperie easycrep since 1981 "Crepe francés" is really delicius and tasty.

I really recommend this restaurante, whether to eat dinner or grab a snack. Also, the prices were very good. You're not gonna regret it!

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