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I thought Jerez was the only place with a 'Retiro Park'

Translated by Blanca OL — one year ago

Original text by Antonio Valle Padilla

Hi Alba, good afternoon. You keep on showing us interesting places that look really good. It seems like you love to talk about places so that other people get to know them. That's great!

I have to confess I had no idea that there was another 'Retiro Park' in Madrid, with the same name as the one in Jerez de la Frontera. This is the most well-known park in Jerez: it is full of life, a lot of greenery, trees and benches so it is easy for people to relax there.

Where is the park?


The park is close to both the train station and the bus station. In order to get to the park from here, all you have to do is go down past the mini roundabout until you arrive at the next roundabout. From there, you continue straight and you will see the park if you look a little to the right. It is very big, not when you compare it to the size of the 'Retiro' park in Madrid but it is very large in terms of square metres. It is big enough to get lost in its paths but to relax, if that is what you are looking for.

As the park is close to the university, there are a lot of young people who walk through the park daily to get to the station, to get a bottle of beer or just to have fun and to have interesting conversations.

In general, what are the people like that go there?

I thought Jerez was the only place with Retiro Park

There are always people at the park, no matter the time of the day. The park is near banks and lots of other things; gardens which are very well looked after, a pond with some fish. The park is also near some schools and high-schools. There are some kiosks that sell cold drinks too. A day at Retiro Park will always be special.

My old school was next to the park and the Physical education tests were always done there: the relay races, endurance training, jumping and sprinting. Remembering every corner of that park makes me think of my youth, my childhood and my school friends. Including, many conversations about the ex-Mayor, Pedro Pacheco, that happened there. It is a very special place to many Jerezanos, as it is to me.

When is the best time to visit Retiro Park?

I thought Jerez was the only place with Retiro Park

During the night, a lot of young people go out to drink beers in the park but I think that it isn't really the purpose of a park. In fact, it's the opposite: to work with the environment and keep it clean and to enjoy the fresh air and nature, and relaxing on the grass on a sunny afternoon. If you are with the best company then all of this will be a positive experience and it will mean much more to you. Your afternoon will be totally complete and you will become a better person.

Other times that I advise you to go to the park is on a typical summers day, when everyone else has gone to the beach and it will feel like you own the place. The peace and quiet that you always wish for in a city and all that you could wish for in a park.

What time does the park close?

It doesn't as there are no gates on either side of the park, it is completely public. This means that often homeless people will go there and they do not collect their rubbish, however, the park is usually cleaned daily. We should all take care of it and it will be kept in a good state, which will allow us to enjoy it for the rest of our lives.


I thought Jerez was the only place with Retiro Park

In conclusion, this park that I recommend visiting is near to the centre of the city of Jerez de la Frontera and although it is not nearly as big as the one in Madrid, there is no doubt that they are very different, they are both wonderful but my dear Jerez will have the added bonus of tranquility that the capital does not have.

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