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La Comedia Madrid

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Hip Hop Heaven

Published by Amy Donegan — 8 years ago

When we first arrived in Madrid we quickly fell into the trap of going to the biggest, most well known clubs and ending up paying a fortune for a pretty average night. Whilst visiting these clubs is something that kind of has to be done, it can often be a bit of a disappointment purely because they cost a lot to get into and you always miss the guest-list, and the music is always the same. You could easily hear a Rihanna song playing 5 times in one night. Once in Kapital, they managed to play Jump around about 5 times in the space of an hour.

We were up for finding something a bit different (and cheaper) and luckily it came to us after a night out at Joy went a bit pear shaped! We had gone out for Mamta’s birthday and decided Joy was a pretty safe bet, but, for whatever reason, that night we just weren’t enjoying ourselves as much and, as a result, Mamta, Caroline and Koraly decided to leave and go look for somewhere else to spend the rest of the night.

They ended up at a bar club called La Comedia which is just off Plaza Santa Ana and plays both all the classic and current hip hop and R&B tunes we all know and love! The next day they were gushing about the club saying it had amazing music and suggesting we should all go there one night as not only was it a good night out, but it was also free entry, and drinks were much cheaper than other, bigger clubs.

Anyone living in Spain will know they have an absolute mountain of public holidays, so we took advantage of one falling on a Thursday and decided to go to La Comedia on a Wednesday night. As usual, pre drinks started at ours, where we enjoyed teaching the Frenchies the copious amounts of British drinking games – they were shocked!

We decided to leave relatively early, as the club shuts around three or four. We got there for around half twelve and proceeded to take advantage of the 7 euro drinks (drinks are normally around 12 euros in most big clubs in Madrid) Despite their cheap price, the drinks were, as is normal in Spain, stupendously strong, so we only needed a couple to get to a good level!

The dance floor gets packed but we managed to make our own little circle and soon we were all singing along and dancing. The club also sells shisha and we soon made friends with some people who had a pipe to make use of this! While there is a few pesky predators on the prowl, the majority of the people in there were relatively friendly, but people mostly stick to their individual groups.

I didn’t notice the first time I went, but there is a cloakroom at the back of the first floor of the club. I suggest you make use of this as I made the fatal error of leaving a jacket (which I had borrowed off a friend) on the seats amongst everyone elses, and when I went to get it at the end of the night somebody had taken it leaving only one left which was similar but nonetheless, and unfortunately for me, different!

Downstairs there is another bar with a seating area and more shisha which is much more chilled out, we normally spend the majority of the night upstairs though as the music is just too good to miss!

I definitely recommend La Comedia for anyone who loved old school hip hop, but it also appeals to those who like chart music too as they often drop in a couple of Drake or Rihanna tunes. It’s also great if you’re looking for a cheap night out and its the perfect place to start before heading on to somewhere else that stays open later. My one word of warning would be; girls, bring toilet paper! The toilets are not generally a pretty sight!

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