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  • The Troyka

    In the Russian Cave, they have Baltika offers with tapas and shot for 4 euros, it's great. It is a beautiful place and the perfect alternative since La Troyka closed. The economic tapas and portions are homemade! They have Russian sangria, which I recommend to try,...

    0 by Shavana, 3 years ago
  • 0 by Skyline, 4 years ago
  • 'Underground Coslada'

    If you don't know where to go a Friday or Saturday night and you really want to have a good time, this is your place! You'll find the best atmosphere, the best music and, the most important, the best booze! I assure you there's no cheap booze served from the bottom of...

    0 by Desi, 5 years ago

    Open from Wednesday to Saturday from 9pm to 4am. Drinks only €5 for Erasmus students. VideoDj. Special prices for celebrations.

    0 by Emma, 5 years ago
  • Mamarrachos

    A bar where you can go quietly or full out. It is up to you;) On weekends it is slammed and some Thursdays they have a party called Crazy Thursdays where you can play beer pong, flip cup... and with very cheap prices! Of course a good place to meet people

    0 by Brooke, 5 years ago
  • La Troika

    Source This is one of the best/worst places I've had the chance to discover in Madrid. It is a Russian bar (hence the name) located in Calle Jardines 11 in the middle of Madrid. It can be accessed from Calle Montera, turning perpendicular to where the 100 Montaditos is...

    0 by Carolina, 5 years ago
  • Downtown Madrid

    Madrid Río is one of the prettiest and most relaxing attractions in Madrid, and I have the good fortune to be living near enough to the river for being able to walk alongside it every day and take in the beautiful scenery. (View from the funicular near Principe Pio) I...

    0 by Daniele, 5 years ago
  • Campus Madrid

    Campus has a lot to offer. From incredible deals on beer to the option to bring your own drink to the club and pay €4 to get in. In February and March it's open every night for the end of university exams and Feria de Abril (April fair). There's even a free open...

    0 by Myles, 6 years ago
  • Virtual club Madrid-Cocktail bar

    Cocktail bar in the centre of Madrid, open until 6 am and with free entrance all night, also if you get the flyers you can have 2 drinks for 10 euros.

    0 by Helena, 6 years ago
  • Teatro Kapital

    In the Kapital Madrid... Oh Madrid! So nice day and night, full of life and young people desiring some fun. Every weekend you see people from all around the world flock to the city centre with one common goal: a great night of dancing. Nearly six months have gone by...

    0 by Daniele, 6 years ago
  • Shoko

    I've been to Shoko my first night out in Madrid, and I can say that place was loads of fun! The club is big and has two floors and the second floor has a great view on all that is happening downstairs. The DJ is great, and plays variety of different music, people are...

    0 by Sadia, 8 years ago
  • Discoteca Cocó

    Important and big club in the city centre, on Fridays it becomes Erasmus students's house with commercial music like reaggeton or pachangueo. The club collaborates with the ESN-SPAIN (international erasmus students network) so the club fills up with students from all...

    0 by Aixa, 8 years ago
  • Discoteca Zoológico Club

    The best nightclub in Madrid! 2 living rooms, 2 rooms Living up: pachangeo, reggaeton... Living below: best EDM, house, progressive, electronic, dubstep, hardstyle... Capacity 1500 people. You can not go to Madrid without depressing the party animal! Subscribe to...

    0 by Luis Miguel, 8 years ago
  • Kapital

    This disco has 7 floors in a wonderful club! 7 different kind of music and a floor where drink just Mojito! 7 floors where have fun, meet a lot of people. A terrace on the top where you can have a drink getting wind looking at the stars. The club is big, the cost is...

    0 by Francesco, 9 years ago
  • Moe's

    The staff is ready to provide the best service possible, creating a very positive synergy with all customers and offering a personalized service. In Moe's the most important thing is that every night is fun and different at the same time, our pinchas are specialized in...

    0 by Moes, 9 years ago
  • La Comedia Madrid

    When we first arrived in Madrid we quickly fell into the trap of going to the biggest, most well known clubs and ending up paying a fortune for a pretty average night. Whilst visiting these clubs is something that kind of has to be done, it can often be a bit of a...

    0 by Amy, 10 years ago
  • La Riviera - Reverse

    It has been my mission, since arriving in Madrid, to find a night out that could rival my beloved Seedy Sonics in Birmingham. I thought I’d found a substitute in the form of a club called Mondo when I heard Jamie Jones was playing there. Unfortunately for me, the only...

    0 by Amy, 10 years ago
  • sala de botellon con musica entrada 2€ solo erasmus

    Hi everybody here we go communicating that we hace a nice space or sala for making erasmus parties and botellon, you dont have to stay drinking in cold and shit places for just 2 € entery you have nice warm place, music, ice and glasses for free, just you have to buy...

    0 by marian, 10 years ago

    Cafe Galdós is a beautiful bar which has been refurbished without losing its charming character which it is famous for since its inauguration 25 years ago. Actors, musicians and other people from the cultural Spanish Madrid scene including attend the Café Galdós and...

    0 by Borja, 10 years ago
  • Rock Palace

    Concerts, lounge&cocktail bar, rehearsal studios. Great place for those of you who love great music, underground atmosphere and late night party! Unique and very cool premises, a must see if you want to Rock the great city of Madrid: daily concerts from national and...

    0 by Laura, 10 years ago

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