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  • The Little Corner of Havana

    Hello again! Mojito. (Source) Latin music and wonderful cocktails with great ambience very close to the Plaza de España; this is how I'd describe this great find, somewhere that you can spend hours enjoying drinks, salsa and the relaxed, Cuban ambience. Though it may...

    0 by Molly, one year ago
  • 100 Montaditos

    Many exchange students choose Madrid as their destination for the best six months of their lives (and, for the lucky ones, a whole year! ). Spanish cuisine is renowned across the globe, with good reason... it's incredible! I am going to talk to you about some dishes and...

    0 by Lottie, 2 years ago
  • Hookah bars near Centro Comercial H2O

    Centro Comercial H2O Centro Comercial H2O is a shopping complex which contains lot of shops. Apart from having fun by shopping all day there this is an amazing place to enjoy the night life in Madrid. Near the shopping complex there are restaurants and bars. This place...

    0 by Crazy, 3 years ago
  • El Tigre

    One of the main concerns when one goes to Madrid (especially for Latin Americans) is the high cost of food, beer, entrance to the clubs, etc. After racking our brains for a while trying to find a place where we could enjoy ourselves without having to spend a fortune,...

    0 by Beth, 3 years ago
  • Indalo Tapas

    The bar is amazing. The tapas that they put out are really good and for a really low price. Whenever I go to the area I go in. They also have a menu for 9 euro which is brilliant. The service is good, I really liked the atmosphere because the majority of the people are...

    0 by Ryan, 3 years ago
  • +KCopas

    This fun and stylish young franchise has bars in the most popular parts of the capital. Under the motto ‘Best Quality –Low Cost’, +Kcopas can be found in Chueca (calle Infantas, 13), San Alberto (calle San Alberto, 3), La Latina (calle Costanilla de San Andrés,...

    0 by Mark, 3 years ago
  • Copas Rotas

    Let's cheer up a little bit after holidays! How about practicing your English while having a pleasant chat in our Copas Rotas pub in the Toledo street? We want you to enjoy while improving your English. Share your leisure time with people of other nationalities that are...

    0 by Copas, 4 years ago
  • Room mate Oscar

    Oscar, situated in the city center of Madrid, really close to "Gran Via", is a spectacular place where have a drinks with friends, at every time of night and day. From the "terraza" you'll have an awesome view of the city, round the elegant swimming pool, especially at...

    0 by angelo, 6 years ago
  • Cherokee Madrid Tribunal

    Cherokee Bar is a really small bar, located between Bilbao and Tribunal stations. There a few things that I don’t particularly like about it. First, it is really, really small and there is no place to sit, so you just have to be standing up all the time. Second, at...

    0 by Mona, 6 years ago
  • VEINTI 7 - After Work

    Welcome to Veinti 7. Every THURSDAY evening, from 18:00 h to 23:30 h, we become an international bar. You can practice another language for free, and make friends in an international environment. Every week more than 200 people, from all over the world, meet at...

    0 by Gemma, 8 years ago
  • Indalo Tapas

    Hi guys! I'm studying in Madrid and I've found a wonderful place to have a drink and a big tapa for just 2, 70€. It's near Fuencarral. It's a great place, service is cool and tapas are very very big! We got some mojitos for 3, 50€, that´s something very hard to...

    0 by Lorena, 8 years ago
  • VEINTI 7 - After Work

    Hi all, Every Thursday from 18:30 to 23:00. Practice foreign languages with native speakers. Free language exchange, meet people, chat, make friends and improve your language skills. If you rarely have a chance to practice English, French, Spanish, Italian, German,...

    0 by Gemma, 8 years ago

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