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Juliet's House

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Love, love, love

Translated by flag-gb Freya Harding — one year ago

Original text by flag-mx Paulina Palestina Ruezga

Enjoying the love

My emotional state in the summer of 2013 was uncertain, I was alone but enjoying solitude and friendship, travelling across Europe, endearing adventures from any perspective, however, let's go! I found myself in what I consider the most romantic city, at least in all of Italy, and although lots of people consider Paris as the city of love, for me, there was no city that represented the feeling more than in Verona.

We have to take into account that it was summer and the smoky heats increase the feeling, everything is beautiful, full of colour, natural attraction, and the city with its numerous ancient buildings, the Italian language flooding the environment with its sensual tones and the delicious food, are the best to love, even the postman!

Love, love, love

Come on let's go, although I know Shakespeare never ever visited Verona, perfectly located in the most romantic story of all time or at least the most famous, it's impossible not to imagine yourself in another time when you're there, and it's because as you travel through time, everything is very well preserved and defines the stories of both residents and tourists, whatever they may be.

Imagining that my life turned into a love story, I'll tell you about the time that I was walking in the small streets of Verona, dreaming, idealising, I walked across Erbe Square where fresh fresh and the joy of shouting Italians put me in the best mood imaginable.

Love, love, love

I could admire the love, the nature, the weather, the food, the friendship, everything was simply what many seek, love in pink and sepia tones.

In this timeless, leisurely and endless walk, we reached residence number 27 on Via Capello, where Julieta's old family lived. Lots of tourists like us found themselves captivated with the building and taking photos, creating life memories.

Love, love, love

In the construction, it's possible to appreciate the famous balcony from where Romeo and Juliet could have moments of love. In the background, framed by that green wall, lots of pad locks and love letters covering the wall, people that dream to seek true love and have their own love story.

Love, love, love

We live in a rebellious, chaotic, cruel and unfair world, but when you are here, whatever nationality you are, it's incredible to think that we all eventually seek and want the same thing, without a doubt, true love.

Love, love, love

One of the most famous traditions of the place is touching the right breast of the bronze Juliet, and if you do it, you will be able to find true love. Or so they promised me :)

Love, love, love

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