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Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona, Verona

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Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona, Verona

Published by flag-lk Crazy Travel — 4 years ago

Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona, Verona

Italy is a catholic country, where a lot of historical churches are located. Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona is also one of the well-known and ancient churches in Veneto region. It is in the heart of the Baldo rocks which is at 774 meters above sea level, overlooking the valley of river Adige. This church is open throughout the whole year from November to March. (from 8 a. m. until 6 p. m. ) and from April to October (from 7a. m. to 7:30p. m. ). You can check for more details on the official website: Madonnadellacorona

There are two churches: an old church, which has been constructed in early centuries and the new church which has been constructed in a later period, four meters above the older church. The nature and the appearance create a peaceful mind for praying and meditations. Though you should drive long way there you will not disappoint at the end. The landscape and the sight sceneries from the church is heart shaking. This place is famous among both Italians and non-Italian pilgrims. Specially during the Easter period pilgrims engage in praying and other religious activities in the church.

Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona, Verona

History of the church

Ancient documents evidenced that there was a monastery with a chapel dedicated to St Mary of Montebaldo, which the hermits linked to the Abbey of St Zeno in Verona. There is a beautiful statue, which is made from local stones and donated by Lodovico Castelbarco who is a member of a noble family, namely Rovereto to the Corona in 1432.

Ancient times, the only accessible way had been located as dangerous narrow path in the rock. But later, in 1458 a wooden bridge was constructed by allowing the access to the church. Furthermore, a new church was constructed above the old church and the construction was continued for a long period of time. It was constructed by radically converting Our Lady of the Corona into a real spacious and accessible Shrine.

During the ancient days, two access paths, which was arranged by steps was created. Even though, they were constructed with 556 steps and 234 steps in 16th centuries, still we can see them with the original beauty.

Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona, Verona

The new Church

The construction activities of the new church ran through few decades and finally it was completed in 1685. However, lot more facilities have been enhanced for pilgrims including convenient access routes and hospice. With the time, during the end period of the 19th century, the church was rearranged in new Gothic style combining with the marble decorations, while enlarging the space.

My experience

I have been in this place several times. But, I must say that I reached this place by car. So, it was more convenient for me. Since it is located outside the city centre, it is better to use a private transportation to reach there.

Even if, I could reach closer to the church by car, I would love to go there by passing the stairs through the narrow pathway. This path has fallen across lots of trees. So, it so beautiful and peaceful to walk. While I was going down along this path I could enjoy beautiful sight sceneries as well. Not only in that point, but also from the church also I could enjoy the scenery. When it combines with beauty of the church, it is amazing.

Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona, Verona

If you are planning to go to Verona as an Erasmus or traveller you should visit this place. I recommend you visit in early July due to beauty of the sight sceneries.

Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona, Verona

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