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    Basilica of San Zeno,Verona, Italy

    Basilica of San Zeno, Verona The Basilica di San Zeno is a famous church in Italy which is constituted the model for all subsequent Romanesque edifices. It is well known due to the architecture of the church. This church was dedicated to Saint Zeno. Saint Zeno was born...

    by Crazy in What to see Verona, 9 hours ago
  • Place

    Bolzano, Italy

    Bolzano,Italy Bolzano is a beautiful town surrounded by the mountains in the region of South Tyrol in the Italian Alps. This city has an ancient history which was influenced by several empires including Bavarians, Roman Empire and Holy Roman Empire. Due to this reason,...

    by Crazy in What to do Bolzano, 13 hours ago
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    Madrid, Spain

    Retiro Park,Madrid This is one of the best tourist attraction in Madrid. The full name of this park expressed as El Parque del Buen Retiro, but usually shortened to El Retiro.Park is driven in a huge area which approximately 350 acers. It was belonged to Spanish...

    by Crazy in What to see Madrid, 1 day ago
  • Place

    Tabulè, Verona, Italy

    Tabulè, Verona This is an amazing place for having romantic or friendly dinner. It was located near the university of Verona, Italy. When I was entering in to the place for the first time, I was shaken by the interior design of this place which so simple and elegant....

    by Crazy in Cafe, cocktail, beer Verona, 1 day ago
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    Innsbruck, Austria

    Innsbruck, Austria Innsbruck is the capital city of Tyrol in western Austria. It is located at the Wipp valley surrounded by the mountains. it is a famous place for winter sports games. In 1964 and 1976, city became the host place for Winter Olympics as well as the in...

    by Crazy in What to do Innsbruck, 2 days ago
  • Place

    Hotel Caneo,

    Hotel Caneo It is wooden hotel which gives you the maximum comfortable and natural view. This is located classified bird area connecting to the mouth of the Isonzo River. The wooden gangway which was built connecting the hotel and the dock, gives you the best...

    by Crazy in What to see Trieste, 2 days ago
  • Place

    Barcelona, Spain

    Sagrada Família, Spain This is a huge unfinished Basilica located in Barcelona, Spain. Church was raised to basilica in 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI.It was started to build the church from 1882 under the guidance of Antoni Guadi, though still the construction activities...

    by Crazy in What to see Barcelona, 3 days ago
  • Blog

    Sri Lankan history, (Part two- the tragedy of the love story)

    Sri Lankan history, Sri Lanka is a country with a great history which engaged in tribes, king’s era and colonization. During early centuries, three types of tribes lived in Sri Lanka which are “Yaksha (Devil), Naga (Snake) and Dewa(God)”. History says, that each...

    0 by Crazy in Erasmus blog Sri Lanka, 3 days ago
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    Barcelona, Spain

    Park Güell Park Güell which is named under UNESCO world heritage in 1984, is public park which was opened in 1926 at Barcelona, Spain.Park is located on a small hill which is named as Carmel hill. This is an example of Gaudí's artistic plenitude. Casa Museu Gaudí...

    by Crazy in What to see Barcelona, 4 days ago
  • Place

    Castelvecchio (Verona)

    Castelvecchio (Verona) This is an old fortress located Verona which was built in the Scaliger dynasty by Cangrande II della Scala in 1354. Entire construction was done by red bricks according to Gothic architecture. The walls of the castle and the bridge are decorated...

    by Crazy in What to see Verona, 4 days ago
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    Venice, Italy.

    Venice, Italy. City has formed with the combination of more than hundreds of small islands in north part of Italy. City is well known among the tourists’ due to the beauty of the city, which has been arranged with small canals including the Grand Canal instead of...

    by Crazy in What to see Venice, 4 days ago
  • Place

    University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

    University life in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is southern Asian country which is located middle of Indian Ocean. In early centuries, it was called “the pearl of Indian Ocean”. In this island, they have a unique culture, tradition and unique language. Originally it is...

    by Crazy in Erasmus party Colombo, 5 days ago
  • Place

    Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona, Verona

    Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona, Verona Italy is catholic country, where lot of historical churches have been located. Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona is also one of the well-known and ancient church in Veneto region. It is in the heart of the Baldo rocks where is...

    by Crazy in What to see Verona, 5 days ago
  • Experience

    Sri Lankan chicken curry recipe

    Sri Lankan chicken curry recipe Today in the evening I wanted to taste some spicy food. At that time, my mother made a call and while I was chatting with her, I said about my desires to eat a spicy food. Then she found her old recipes book and told me about this chicken...

    0 by Crazy in Erasmus experiences Colombo, 5 days ago
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    Colosseum – Rome, Italy When you hear the name “Rome” the first thing comes into your mind is the“Colosseum”. If I say that it is the most-preserved masterpiece of the whole Italy, I would not incorrect. If you plan to have a tour in Rome, definitely it is a...

    by Crazy in What to see Rome, 5 days ago
  • Place

    Spanish steps

    Spanish Steps – Rome, Italy (Scalina Spagna) One best tourist attraction in Rome, Italy is the “Spanish Steps”. As the name denotes itself, it is a set of steps with a steep slope connecting the Piazza di Spagnaat the base and theTrinità dei Monti church at the...

    by Crazy in What to see Rome, 6 days ago
  • Place

    Mexicali, Verona

    Mexicali, Verona Mexicali is one of the best mexican restaurant I have ever been while I am living in Verona. This place is located near the city center which is call piazza bra. You can easily reach there by bus or buy your own vehicle. This place quite romantic and it...

    by Crazy in Cafe, cocktail, beer Verona, 6 days ago
  • Place

    St. Moritz, Switzerland

    St. Moritz, Switzerland This is famous tourist destination in both summer and winter. It is in the Alps mountains. I have been in this place in both periods. You can reach there easily by train or by bus. You can find lot of luxury hotels in this city which offer...

    by Crazy in What to do St. Moritz, 6 days ago
  • Place

    University of Verona, Italy

    University of Verona, Italy This one of the good universities in Italy. It became the best university in Italy several times during recent past. Most of the students prefer to go to this university as Erasmus. The university has located close to the city centre by...

    by Crazy in What to do Verona, 7 days ago
  • Place

    Torremolino, Spain

    Torremolino, Spain This is small city which is in the south part of Spain. Though this was a small fishing village then, now it is a tourist destination. This place is well known due to the beautiful sandy beaches, night life, dinning, shopping, amusement park and golf...

    by Crazy in What to do Malaga, 7 days ago
  • Place

    Livigno, Italy

    Livigno, Italy This is small village which is very famous in both summer and winter seasons. This place is in the north part of Italy. You can reach there by train and bus. If you use public transportation system then you should switch trains and buses. According to my...

    by Crazy in What to do Sondrio, 7 days ago
  • Place

    Fuengirola, Spain

    Fuengirola, Spain This is a beach side city which is close to Malaga in Spain. This is one of the popular destinations on Costa del Sol in Spain. You can easily arrive their either by bus of train. Though this was tiny fishing village in good old days, today it is very...

    by Crazy in What to see Malaga, 8 days ago
  • Place

    Hookah bars near Centro Comercial H2O

    Centro Comercial H2O Centro Comercial H2O is a shopping complex which contains lot of shops. Apart from having fun by shopping all day there this is an amazing place to enjoy the night life in Madrid. Near the shopping complex there are restaurants and bars. This place...

    by Crazy in Cafe, cocktail, beer Madrid, 8 days ago
  • Place

    Santuario Madonna di Lourdes, Verona

    Santuario Madonna di Lourdes This place is one of the most attracted place in Verona. This church has a great history as well as great beauty which did not fade with the time. Whole time during the year you can go this church during the opening hours and pray.The time...

    by Crazy in What to see Verona, 8 days ago
  • Place

    Casa di Giulietta

    Casa di Giulietta This is well known place for romance and lovers. Casa di Giuliett refers as Giulietts house. This house belonged to Cappelletti family which was rich and powerful family in the history. Shakespeare built his great love story which is Romeo and Juliet...

    by Crazy in What to see Verona, 8 days ago

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