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Colombo, Sri Lanka

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Colombo, Sri Lanka

Published by Crazy Travel — 3 years ago

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo is the capital city of Sri Lanka located at the western province of the country facing to the coastal area. Even though the city is not a famous tourist destination, Colombo is commercial and busy city, where everyone wants to achieve success in studies, occupation and business activities. All the famous and good schools, hospitals, restaurants, governing hubs, business headquarters, embassies have located in this area. If I introduce this city as commercial and westernized city, then I would be correct. Colombo is enriched with star class hotels, quality restaurants, beach area, parks, zoo, museums, theatres, art galleries, nightclubs, amusement parks, water parks, quality cinemas, Buddhist temples, shopping malls, colonial architectural buildings and monuments, whole sale market etc. Even if, the city is not an attractive tourist destination and I do not recommend visiting, I would like to provide some guidance through my experience of living in this city for four years.

Pita kotuwa

When you enter to city centre from the high way, then you can enter to Pitta Kotuwa, where the central rail way station, main bus stand, whole sale markets are located. I must say, that this area is extremely crowded and have lot more traffic during whole day. If you have an idea to use public transport, then I must say not to use them, since it is unbearable for tourists. if you wish to hire a tuk tuk, then always bargain for the hire, since most of the time they try to charge unreasonable prices from the tourist. But my advice is to go with your tour guide or under the guidance of your hotel since that way would be more convenient to arrange your tour in this city.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo fort

After passing few meters from Pita Kotuwa, you can reach to Colombo fort, where the heart of the most important business such as Colombo stock exchange, communication channels, embassies, five star hotels, Colombo Dutch museum are located.

Among them Colombo Dutch museum, which was constructed during the Dutch colonial area in 17thcentury, is an important place to visit due to the architectural features and the history belongs to colonial era. Even if this building was occupied as the house of Dutch governor, Thomas Van from 1643, during the later periods, the building was used for many other purposes like teachers training collage, hospital, police training school and a postal office. After collapsing the building with the time, government restored the building in its original state and converted in to Dutch museum in 1982.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

From this area, you can find best places to eat such as Ministry of Crab, Curry leaf etc. besides that, night clubs and the star class hotels, such as Kingsbury are also located around this area. At the same time, prices and the quality of the food and services are also equally high in these places. Due to the fact, these places are well popular among the rich societies in the country. Along with the Colombo fort, Gall face is well known, where you can reach after few distance away.

Galle face

Gall face is located few distance away from the Colombo fort in between the area of Galle road and the sea, facing to the magnificent beach area. Galle face is a public beach area, where people can enjoy in the beach while walking and spending the time with family, kids and friends.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Even if, Galle face green, which is a widely spread ground, was originally build by the Dutch for placing the cannons against Portuguese and for the fortification, later, used for horse races, golf playing and other sports activities in the ancient times.  The wooden bridge, which has been instituted connecting the golden sand and the sea area provides the facilities to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the sea and the sunset in the evening.

During the university time, we used to go there once a week with friends to enjoy the sunset and fly the kites while having the street foods namely,” Kadala” and “Wade”. Street food vendors and small street food carts are quite common to see around this place, besides the kit and toy vendors. I must say, that these street foods are bit spicy, since they have target local customers. But, there are lot of restaurants and hotels around this place, where you can enjoy western and other Sri Lankan foods.

I would like to recommend you to not to go to this plays during the rainy day, since it is a huge open area and it is hard to stand with an umbrella even, due to heavy wind and the rain drops with sand. If you see any dark clouds from the horizon, my advice is to leave the place.

Galkissa / Mount Lavinia

Besides the Galle face, Galkissa is also a well-known costal area located at Colombo area, where people can enjoy beach, sunshine, swimming, boat trips, sailing, sunset, night life and lot more.The history of the city spread to the kingdom of Kotte and the colonize era.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Mount Lavinia hotel, which is one of the star class hotel nowadays, has a great romantic history belongs to Sir Thomas Maitland, a former British governor and Lovina Aponsuwa. Sir Thomas chose this area to build his resident, which is the mount Lavenia hotel today, and named his resident on the sake of his lover as "Mount Lavinia House", recalling the name of his lover “Lovina”. Even though, there love story was dropped short while after he was recalled to his country, still the memories of their love story lays in this house (hotel). If you visit this hotel, you can see the ancient antiques and the other things, belonged to history of the house. Besides that, this love story was the main root to call this area as Mount Lavinia.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Place is surrounded by tourist shops, star class hotels, restaurants, lodges, apartments, providing a comfortable stay for tourists. Depending on the prices travellers can choose the best accommodation place.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Viharamahadevi Park

If you wish to spend some relaxing time with your friends or family then you can visit Viharamahadevi Park, located at the city centre near .to the national museum. Though the history of the park area runs to the colonize era and the second world war, it was reinstituted as public national park in 1951.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

This is a green garden with lot of trees and wide spread grass garden and ponds providing two separate parts for kids and adults. Kids area has been furnished with max slides, Seesaw and other playing equipment while the other area provides summer huts, benches. This park is famous among young couples and families to spend evening time while walking and talking. Near the garden you can see lot of art vendors with beautiful masterpieces. Reaching to the place is not difficult as I mentioned before.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo national museum

Apart from that, museum is also another important place, where you can acknowledge about the proud Sri Lankan history with the great evidence. Remaining relics emphasize the history of the Kings era, monarchies, colonization and the other historical things as well as the natural treasures of the country. Among them old furniture decorated with gold and gems, ivory creations are remarkable as well as the swards, crown etc. To visit the place, travellers should buy a ticket, but it is sad to mention that they charge different prices for locals and foreign tourists.

Independence memorial square

Independence memorial square is another unique place where you can see the traditional architectural designs, located at the cinnamon gardens in Colombo.Independence memorial square was constructed to commemorate the getting independent from Britain. Even though, today this place host national day celebrations, sports event and religious event, most of the residents daily come to this place for daily workouts and other exercise activities.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Other activities to visit

Considering the Buddhist temples, Gangaramaya Viharaya and Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharaya, which had a great history related to lord Buddha, can be visited. Besides that, St. Lucia cathedral and Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque are also well known religious places, located in the Colombo city.

For the shopping purposes, I would like to suggest you go to Bumbelapitiya area since lot of shopping complex and clothing stores have been located. Namely, they are majestic city, liberty plaza etc. In these places people can enjoy different meals, cinemas, game zones etc.

Along with them, newly constructed Nelum Pokuna stadium and currently, undergone Colombo port city construction activities would add an additional value to the city. (I have extracted current photos from the internet)

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