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Kandy, Sri Lanka

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Kandy, Sri Lanka

Published by Crazy Travel — 3 years ago

Kandy, Sri Lanka

It is a wonderful place due to the refreshing climate, mountains and the natural view. This city is located at the central province and it was the last kingdom of Sri Lankan kings. Besides that, it is an important place for both locals and tourist due to the temple of tooth and annual Kandy Perahara which is hosted in every year to exhibit and give an honour to the tooth relic of lord buddha. Due to the fact, city can be known as an ancient city, which emphasise the original Sri Lankan culture, tradition and native religion. The history of the temple of the tooth runs to hundreds of years back specifically, to the era of Vimaladaramasuriya I, who was great king in the Kandian era. The construction activities of the temple were completed in 1595. In 1988. Temple of the tooth was named as a UNESCO world heritage.Even though, it was attacked by a bomb by terrorists, in a later period, the temple of the tooth was reconstructed in its original state.

Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kandy Perahara is a huge parade which host in July and August in each year with hundreds of elephants, dancers, fire dancers, whip dancers etc. all the dancers and elephants get dress with elegant costumes and travel along the Kandy road from the temple of tooth. It Is not common to see that the elephants wearing coats with golden thread designs and sparkling lights. So, it is very nice to see this parade. The main feature of the parade is the tooth relic and the elephant who carries this relic. It is an amazing thing to see how this elephant travel in the parade holding relic with pride and the mighty. Along with them Nilame, who is the head person of the temple of the tooth, also travels on the elephants, wearing a customized unique traditional dress. Nilame is a person who is responsible and taking care of the temple of the tooth.

Kandy, Sri Lanka

If you like to visit this parade then my advice is to reserve your accommodations early as possible and go with someone, who knows the city well. Since the possibility of getting lost, while visiting the parade is really high due to the large crowd. If it is possible then arrange a place to visit this parade with the help of your tour guide or hotel staff since it is more convenient.

Temple of the tooth and the tooth relic is more important relic among the other relics of lord buddha due to the belief, which is “the tooth has embraced all the valuable sayings of lord buddha”. You can visit this place while you are travelling to Nuwara Eliya and also Pinnawaa elephant orphanage. When you visit this place, you should get dress with an appropriate dress. Sleeveless t-shirts and short dress are prohibited in the temple of tooth for both local and tourists. On the way to the temple of the tooth, you can see lot of flowers vendors beside the road. I would like to recommend buying some flowers and place them inside the temple as an honour to the temple of the tooth and the tooth relic.

While you visit the temple, you have an opportunity to visit the museum of the temple and a dummy of an elephant made from the cotton and the real skin of the elephant. This museum exhibit different types of ivories, ancient photographs, jewelleries, ancient tools, royal belongings etc. it emphasis the richness of the Kandiyan kingdom.

Besides that, the kandian lake is one of the most peaceful landmark in the city. This lake adds an amazing beauty to the city as well as to the temple of the tooth. It is in front of the temple of the tooth and in the evening, it gives an elegant view combining both lake and the temple of the tooth. Normally, I like to take evening walks around the kandian lake. It is so peaceful and refreshing.

Kandy, Sri Lanka

You can find accommodations for reasonable prices in this area. I would like to recommend enjoying a traditional Sri Lankan meal in this city since the taste of the foods and meals in this city is different than the other cities. They are very tasty and they give the original taste of a Sri Lankan meal. Furthermore, it is very common to find tasty avocado fruits in this city. So, when you go there do not forget to enjoy this fruit.

I have extracted the image from the internet to give the real impression of the city.

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