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University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

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University life in Sri Lanka

Published by Crazy Travel — one year ago

University life in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is southern Asian country which is located middle of Indian Ocean. In early centuries, it was called “the pearl of Indian Ocean”. In this island, they have a unique culture, tradition and unique language. Originally it is Buddhist country but due to the colonization under Portuguese, Netherland and Britain they gained the catholic religion and English as their second language.

Sri Lanka has a good education system, which all the university and high educational institutions offer variety of bachelor degrees and diplomas in English medium. But the problem is the number of national universities in the country has limited for 15 and the number of positions available for students have been limited. Due to this reason, there is a high competitive examination for getting in to the universities. The students who get high Z score only can have the opportunity to get University education. Because of this reason most of the young students attract to the foreign universities for their high education as well as for masters and PHDs. All the government universities offer a free education system as well as the other facilities.

I would like to share some details and my experience about the orientation period of the Sri Lankan Universities which is quite unique and interesting.

Orientation period

They have a sub culture in each university which is common to all the universities in Sri Lanka. When the freshers enter the university, senior student start to make them familiar with this sub culture in an interesting way. They take four to six months to initiate freshman in the University. This period call as the rag period since juniors should obey to seniors and follow the dress codes.

During the first few months seniors start to rag them and give nicknames which is going to be the calling name for entire university life among friends. Seniors give lot of activities to done by the juniors such as singing songs, making dramas and lot of kind of rags.

Worst side of the rag

The worst part is sometimes they give some physical rags such as kneel down etc. this part is going to be painful but during the late years this kind of physical rags were highly prohibited. What kind of rags are going to have would totally depend on which university you are going to enroll.

How they officially end the rag season

At the end of the rag season seniors and juniors become so close and organize a batch trip to climb mountain call “Hanthana” which is one of beautiful mountains in Sri Lanka. They organize it to build the peace and harmony among the new batch members. Most of the time while climbing the mountain, the boys who has fallen in love with a girl during the rag season, confess their love to each other. So, this journey is very famous among lovers.

After that seniors organize a party call social to end the rag season officially. There after juniors get all the freedom to do everything as they want. This experience is totally different from the orientation period of European universities. For me at beginning rag was so annoying. But later it turned in to a nice experience and a sweet memory : )



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