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My Trip to SriLanka

Published by Sala Hassan — 2 years ago

Anyone who knew my intention to visit Sri Lanka on a cruise was surprised at this thinking wondering what I could find in a country like Sri Lanka. At the outset, I was confident on the occasion of the country by informing me of the experiences of a number of people who had visited and praised the country, both in the charming nature and in the dealings of its parents, but two days before the launch, I feared the fear that the country would not be suitable for tourism, especially since I referred to a group of colleagues in this direction.                                                                                                                           Our plane flew from Riyadh airport at dawn on a five-hour flight in a poorly equipped and serviced aircraft of Saudi Arabian Airlines, when the plane flew over Sri Lanka and we were attracted to the landscape of forests, green gardens, rivers and lakes in its magnificent form, which made me feel at the moment that I was in the right place..! It was 10:00 a.m. in Colombo when the plane landed at the airport, and we waited about an hour and a half to get our luggage. Although the airport and its first services suggest that you are in a large country, there was a distinction to us in passports so that he  had assigned us a private servant instead of staying with hundreds of Selrelis. Yin arriving with us on the same trip the passport check lasted only five minutes, and we spent at the airport Rupees 100 rupees for the dollar. The airport is about 1, 000 miles away. We rented a 15-dollar car to the Golbal hotel, booked us two rooms, a lounge and a hammbin for $120. We found out that the one we agreed with was 95 bucks. On the way to the hotel the track was one and a large number of shops spread beside it the most vegetable and fruit shops we stopped the driver next to one, to buy bananas, pineapple and coconut. Prices were not so predictable, and our passage to Colombo was a chance to get to know them, since we had a very crowded Either on the human side that is on his feet or in the cars that the driver was on the right side of it, which violates our car, and which resulted in a reversal of the direction of the traffic that led us into situations where we were exposed to the loss because we were looking at the wrong direction as we were in our cities..!!Through the information we have previously collected on the visit to Sri Lanka, the airport has offices to organize tourist programs to visit all the cities of Sri Lanka, and on landing the plane we identified a young Sri Lankan man named Aman, who said he would get us an office that would help us organize a special program, and actually We found someone with our name at our reception, who booked us a 120-dollar hotel while its original price was $95..!! While the youths were busy buying a telephone chip, I sat down with another guy named Vimal and started planning a program that he didn't complete because of the first person entering and understanding that we followed him, we agreed with the first person to visit us at the hotel in the evening and already attended and gave us a $2, 000 program that included the car with the driver and booked hotels, Which made us call the Vimal who came and coordinated a program that first started with the southern part of the beaches for our eagerness to be in Kandy on Aug. 10, and initially gave us a price of 950 dollars for the entire program for nine days, but he returned the next day and said the price was changed to 1250 due to higher prices Hotels in the month of August and we agreed with him for 1200 dollars delivered 800 and there are 400 left in Kandy. On the morning of the second day, the driver Anthony, a Sri Lankan Christian, was brought to us and his age exceeds 55, at first we liked him in terms of his interest and knowledge of a lot of things, and our first stop was the city of Hikadwa after he could not get a living in the city of Bentota, which was destroyed. Most of its famous tsunami hotels, we reached the beach city of Hikadwa and we got two adjacent rooms in a three-star hotel. The hotel was beautiful despite its feet and its first cycle was affected by tsunamis, and our rooms have a view of the pool, a small city of Hikadwa with small shops adjacent to the hotel which Our stay has approved the presence of an Englishman to support the victims of the tsunami and we have seen one of the shops that work to carve small sculptures of wood, some of which are up to two months, as our staff said, on the morning of the second day of the hotel we rode on a small boat with 1000 Almost was down the boat from the glass so that you see the fish that down there as the coral reefs see in its beautiful shape, the waves of the sea were thundering during our nearly hour-long tour, the hotel's breakfast was on the open buffet style and included some different varieties, as was dinner last night on the way The buffet is open at a price of 750 rupees per person. 11:00 a.m. on the third day, we went to the next target. The town of Teala was on its way, and we passed through the city of Matra, a large city that was affected by the tsunami, and then we passed through the city of Jala, a city renowned for the existence of stones factories inhabited by a group of Muslims, in We visited a factory for the stones and the owner of a Muslim person had heard in his factory for the first time prayer ears and it was at noon, and we reviewed at the factory how to get the stones and how to purified them and then we entered the gallery and we saw a bunch of exhibits and bought some of them, in the city of Galla also we visited the fort The old, aged over 1,600, built by the ancient Dutch with magnificent river views, and a professional person offered us to jump in the water from high altitude to 200 rupees, after we left the city of Jala and on the road we stopped at a factory for the manufacture of handicrafts such as embroidery and others By hand, we saw the way the industry through the hand and fastened nails on the board the manufactures were used as mattresses for bowls and pots, some of which continued to work for three months, and then we stopped at another factory to manufacture handmade colored fabrics and saw the modus operandi that begins with the hand drawing and then the coloring A certain balloon we finally entered the exhibit, which included a variety of different shapes and colours, we got our hotel in the city of Teala before Morocco, but the hotel, which was in the form of a ship, was under renovation after the tsunami, which made us refuse to stay and ask to make this day in the city of Nuwar and during We went through the city of Ham Pentota.We had the next stop in the city of Thampyramid, a very small town we got before dinner, and the hotel where they lived was small and the mosquito was so annoying, and we stopped by to visit the Woods tomorrow morning, and in the evening we agreed with the owner of a safari car that we would be accompanied by the dawn of the 2500 rupees on a forest tour The Yala area already came in the dawn of the third day, and we rode with him in the trunk of the car, which was like a lorry that was so irritating and uncomfortable, which made us on our way to the road, renting another 4, 000 Rupees Safari, through which we took a tour of the Getransfer Yala and paid a $20 entry fee for One person, the majority of the animals present were elephants, pigs, deer, monkeys and crocodiles, and we stopped on the beach inside the forest and a fisherman was rescued from drowning after great attempts and efforts, on our way back from the forest we took a safari driver into a hotel in the villa, which was They are rooms scattered in the woods wonderfully and we asked about the daily accommodation rate of one room, which was $125..!! We got back from the woods just before noon. A provocative attitude occurred from the driver who took us to the hotel when bickering with a colleague to stop halfway and refusing to continue walking and after he agreed to walk, also the other position with the lorry owner who refused the sum of 500 rupees and this after leaving the hotel to give him Sum of 1500 rupees to keep quiet..!! The road between the city of Thamharam and Nawar Alia was long and took about five hours in a bad and narrow road, around which villages and towns were spread, and we stopped on the road at one of the largest waterfalls before nawar alia, where hundreds of Sri Lankans had agreed to bathe according to their religious beliefs, and the road to Nawar An exquisite and beautiful green forest despite the curves of the road and its meandering, we reached nawar alia, just before the ears of Morocco. Our 3-star hotel (Alheritage) was an exquisite front, which was a garden of diverse and varied flowers, and was a five-minute walk from the center of the city, and the atmosphere was It's already cold, which makes some of us buy winter clothes from the little city market, and some take out what I brought with him. In preparation for the cold we heard about before, the city market was small, where many of the shops selling winter clothes were scattered and the observer in this city was so many Muslims that a lot of them The Arabic speaks fluently and we learned that they learned that in Mohammadiya schools that teach Arabic and some of them worked in the Gulf states, and dinner that day was featured through Milan's restaurant, which was owned by a Muslim who worked in Jubail, and that the meals we took were very close to Saudi food, especially the rice that We have been deprived of him for the past days..! In the city market there are two stores that provide Internet access August.On the morning of the 4th day in Noire, we went to the Boxkcal Garden Park, a large garden on a mountain ridge that was beautifully formatted and beautifying, and placed places dedicated to each type of flower, and in the afternoon we went on a visit to a dairy factory in the city and saw how the milk was dried and sold In the form of powder after the water was removed, then we visited one of the cattle farms and saw the cattle breeding, the goats and the rabbits, and then we went back to the hotel before sunset, let's go on another shopping trip we finished with dinner at Milan restaurant. This day, it was noted that the blackout was frequent. With the proof that some shops have used electricity to serve their customers, we have completed our night at the hotel and we have grown early ready for tomorrow's journey. On the morning of the fifth day, we went out early for Candy City on a road of 160 kilometers, we'll cut it in five hours, after we got out of the city of Nuwar. We stopped on the road at the tea plantations and saw how the workers were picked up, and we picked up the tea and took the commemorative photos, then we visited a factory for the manufacture The tea is owned by a Muslim person who told us that the majority of the workers are Muslims for this purpose, and we have followed how the tea industry has been coming from the farmer then drying it and then sorting it and classifying it by quality both in weight and color to produce several varieties of tea we learned that the finest is symbolized by the symbol Bopf followed by the Symbolized by the symbol bop and up to more than 40 species, we bought from the factory fair large amounts of tea despite its high prices over what we have in the equivalent of about 300%..!! On the same road to Kandy, the scenery of the falls was exquisite and magnificent, and the green scenery was incredibly beautiful, and the road to Kandy was at a good end as our presence was working on its capacity.                                                                                                                                                               

We got candy after the afternoon prayers and we stopped at a garment store and we noticed that the price was too high, as we stopped at one of the jewelry shops where we saw an offer of how to extract jewelry in the old and the modern and the price hike was a role in not buying them.!! In Kandy, we went to our three-star hotel, Tilanka, and it was a great hotel, despite the apparent foot of its building. The rooms have a city view from a high place and the hotel is maligned to disturb the population and its ascent to the rooms and balconies overlooking it, after a little relief we went out to a dance folk at a theater. Uninitialized properly as its chairs were worn out and there was no proper ventilation, the ceremony ended with a review of the fireworks and the walking of the flaming embers, to go back to the hotel and dine at the restaurant. Dinner was not approved by colleagues..!! On the sixth morning in Kandy we went out shopping the markets were good and their prices were favourable especially to the popular part of it the market in Kandy is characteristic of its size, variety of exhibits and the price of its prices, and we have noted as we emerged the great preparations for the annual celebration that began today through the creation and equipping Elephants and through the ready shops to rent the facade of their shops to sit idly by, we then went to visit the Big Flower Garden in Kandy by drawing an entry of 300 rupees for the one person that was already fascinating, large and multi-pillar and we saw the largest tree in the world in terms of its spread, as was the coordination The flowers are distinct in their colours and different types, and we went out of the park before noon to go back to the hotel until 5:00 p.m. when we went through the tarring to the festival site and took a seat in front of a pizzeria that we initially offered for 3500 rupees per person but our visit in the morning to the same place made us know that its price The determinant is 1500 rupees, the sight of the audience was so big for all their young and old groups, and they all sprayed the streets in a unique view, waiting for the festival, which will not begin until 8:00 p.m., and many have been brought with them for care and drinks in addition to the large and widespread security readiness which searched Spectators ' needs before the festival starts, and the annual festival, which is displayed from August 10-19 each year, is a folk dancer with elephants with five different colours. Each color represents a particular symbol and the festival begins when a group of men blows with a belt that takes out sounds and means permission to throw Donations from the public which are small coins followed by people who collect coins in sacks and then finally put in moving cars in the form of boxes, the show wasn't that special or strange thing except the audience, their own world, their exotic gatherings, and their different rituals, the boring show is over. For us (which goes through our street otherwise the show continues to roam more than one area) at eleven o'clock at night amid the collective departure of all and with difficulty we got the taktok to bring us back to the hotel...!On the morning of the 7th morning, we went out to the city of Polorua, about 100 kilometers away from Kandy, and on the way to it, we stopped at the largest Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka, knowing the Golden Temple or the temple of Abu-Sen, because its gate was an open jaw whose teeth clearly showed, and was required to enter Camera cameras, need to take off shoes, wear a special robe and pay an entry fee of $20 per person and a desire not to support the temple we refused to come in and was only able to identify him from the outside. The ones who served us with the filming in a small amount, after the completion of this unique tour, we stopped in an area overlooking a large lake, mediated by beautiful trees, and we cooked ourselves a lunch after we bought the necessary tools from the famous city of wood shops, especially as we took a complete thaya. Items with us, just before Morocco, we went to Pololua City, a city famous for its ancient temples and monuments, and we were not too much to stand up to it, and we were just watching it in the car, and at its three-star hotel, we had this night. The hotel was quiet in an area overlooking a large lake and a room arranged in a way Great, it has a beautiful swimming pool and the city is quiet and there are no markets and we have been in it for the purpose of visiting the famous town of Kirea and its mountain tomorrow.

On the morning of the 8th, we went out heading towards the Siria, which is 30 kilometers away from Pololwa, and we cut tickets to enter the Big mountain, which is an old temple, which requires boarding above 1200 degrees, we paid RS 2000 entry tickets for each person, and we used a guide from the front of the mountain for 300 rupees. The top of the mountain is in the middle of a tiring and dangerous road, especially in the last 200 stairs. We have been able to climb above, which represents places, rooms and places for the king who was governing that area, and the area has been meticulously designed to take advantage of rainwater by draining it into multiple ponds where there are pools in a On the mountain and pools at the bottom of it what is meant for winter and what is for the summer, there are many street vendors in the mountain area who sell site-related items in addition to various wooden artefacts, including a small wooden box that opens in a certain way, used as a bunker for precious purposes such as gold and jewellery. When we landed from the mountain, we drove to the orphan Elephant area, and the road to it was narrow and small, passing through remote residential areas, and when we reached the area, we cut entry tickets for 500 rupees per person, plus Rs. 500 for each video camera, the orphan elephants are a group of age-old elephants Different and which have lost their parents and are raised in this garden to be a pet and then they are given to friendly countries, and despite the narrow road and distance, the area was filled with many tourists, and the elephants were waiting in a small lake all the time until mid-afternoon to go out on a group tour with their patrons.After this visit, we meant our next target, the city of Tumbo, to stay at its Dolphin Hotel for two days, a wonderful and beautiful hotel overlooking the western Sea, a large hotel with more than 150 rooms, and featuring many different swimming pools, and there are two restaurants in the hotel, one of which we met a Muslim chef who said he had A mule in the Gulf he showed his readiness to do the KABSA for us as soon as we asked, but the quality of the rice at the restaurant was so good that we didn't ask for it, our presence at the hotel agreed to a wedding at 12 o'clock, which we shared with the occasion and congratulated the newlyweds. On the morning of the 9th, we were intending to visit Colombo, which is about 40 kilometers away from our hotel, but the assassination of Sri Lankan Foreign minister and the security chaos in the capital have made us replace the capital with the markets of the city of Tumbo and despite its smallness, its exhibits are no different in terms of prices. The last of the hotel in its attractive swimming pools and beautiful atmosphere, on the morning of the 10th day we went to the airport to fly to our aircraft at 10 a.m. in the midst of a major human wave, especially from Sri Lankan... The return plane was better than the arrival plane but remains bad compared to other planes, especially in the absence of screens showing trends, distances and others. · It seems that the Gulf people are very unfamiliar to Sri Lankans, because we were faced with questions that reveal their lack of knowledge of us in our forms, and the nationalities we were asked about by Pakistanis, Indians and Iranians, even though we faced many of them working in the Gulf, especially in the cities of Kandy and Nuwar Alia, in return. A large presence of the Serbs in it, especially the English in the second place followed by the Germans and then the French, and we never met any of the Americans. · We suffered in the first days to eat and we relied on fish as a major meal, but when we got to Nuwar, we learned that the majority of slaughtered in Sri Lanka were slaughtered by Muslims, and that there was a famous chicken adopted by many restaurants slaughtered on Islamic law and written on it (halal) is the chicken of Birha, and about Eating the majority of hotels offer breakfast on the open buffet style and have varied varieties of jams, eggs and fish.                                    

It has been noted that Muslims in Sri Lanka, despite their official figures and those who do not give      up 166%, were in control of trade through a number of factories and shops, and their material conditions on the whole were good compared to others, and we also noticed their proximity to their belief and their faith in their religion, and one of them stated that they They suffer from two categories of Islam, the first Sufi to propagate bid'ah and superstition between them and the reporting community, which is not indoctrinated with the correct religion, and who suffer from the harassment of Buddhist priests to invite non-Muslims. · The prices in the country are surprisingly high compared to the state of Sri Lanka, so that the average hotel wages for the night are at least $50 per room, if compared to countries like Malaysia and Singapore..! Not to mention the high cost of ticket prices, especially for government-owned places such as forests and utilities, in addition to the high cost of manufactures and products of the country such as tea, spices and garments, some of which reach more than our existing prices..!! · The people in general are respectful and need to provide service and advice even if you ask him for free and some of them get close to you for a job contract, and we only found the opposite with our own driver (unfortunately) and the security is good and we forgot once the camcorder and once the wallet of one of the fellows promised to find it in its places..!! and From the notes that since we started our tour of the airport and we have returned to it through the cities and villages heading from the south then the east then the north and finally the West the roads we have been going through are filled with people and homes, distributed and facilitated by the road, in addition to the fact that forests and fruit trees were on both sides of the road Except for a few kilos after a pyramid and in the big cities.

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