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  • Basilica of San Zeno,Verona, Italy

    Basilica of San Zeno, Verona The Basilica di San Zeno is a famous church in Italy which is constituted the model for all subsequent Romanesque edifices. It is well known due to the architecture of the church. This church was dedicated to Saint Zeno. Saint Zeno was born...

    0 by Crazy, 4 days ago
  • Castelvecchio (Verona)

    Castelvecchio (Verona) This is an old fortress located Verona which was built in the Scaliger dynasty by Cangrande II della Scala in 1354. Entire construction was done by red bricks according to Gothic architecture. The walls of the castle and the bridge are decorated...

    0 by Crazy, 8 days ago
  • Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona, Verona

    Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona, Verona Italy is catholic country, where lot of historical churches have been located. Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona is also one of the well-known and ancient church in Veneto region. It is in the heart of the Baldo rocks where is...

    0 by Crazy, 9 days ago
  • Santuario Madonna di Lourdes, Verona

    Santuario Madonna di Lourdes This place is one of the most attracted place in Verona. This church has a great history as well as great beauty which did not fade with the time. Whole time during the year you can go this church during the opening hours and pray.The time...

    0 by Crazy, 13 days ago
  • Casa di Giulietta

    Casa di Giulietta This is well known place for romance and lovers. Casa di Giuliett refers as Giulietts house. This house belonged to Cappelletti family which was rich and powerful family in the history. Shakespeare built his great love story which is Romeo and Juliet...

    0 by Crazy, 13 days ago
  • Valeggio sul Mincio “Borghetto”

    Valeggio sul Mincio “Borghetto” This is an ancient and romantic village which has a great history. This place is very close to small city call Peschiera in Italy. It has been situated in the valley of River Mincio. The entrance to the village have been arranged...

    0 by Crazy, 16 days ago
  • Bar "La Terrazza" and Ponte Pietra

    Ponte Pietra (Verona) This one of the amazing bridges I have ever seen in my life. In Italian language Ponte Pietra refers as “Stone bridge”. This bridge unifies the city from her pride, beauty as well as the history. This was built during 100 BC from stones. This...

    0 by Crazy, 17 days ago
  • Verona

    That Verona is a romantic city, everyone already knows. We can blame Mr. Shakespeare and his emblematic Tragedy "Romeo and Juliet". But the truth is that Verona itself is very conducive to romance. I could not go with my Romeo, so it was a bit sad and a bit...

    0 by Cristiana, 2 months ago
  • Juliet's balcony

    "What lady is that, which doth enrich the hand of yonder knight? Ah, she doth teach the torches to burn bright! It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night like a rich jewel in an Ethiope's ear! Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear! So shoes how a snowy dove...

    0 by Hannah , 9 months ago
  • Arena di Verona

    Who said that you have to go to Rome to enter the world of gladiators? The most impressive monument of Verona, the Arena di Verona is a Roman amphitheatre located in the historic centre of the city. Because of the lack of written sources about the inauguration of the...

    0 by Hannah , 9 months ago
  • Verona

    Last time I was talking about our trip to Italy to Lago di Garda. We spent our first night in nice apartment, we walked a little bit and second day was here. We got up quite early and we went to the city centre of Verona. We looked into the map and we chose places we...

    0 by Barbarka, one year ago
  • Parco Natura Viva

    I am sure you have never thought that you can have an amazing safari tour in Italy. Me neither, until I heard of a place, called Parco Natura Viva, also known as Verona Zoo Safari. I have not travelled for quite a long time this year because of my studies, but then I...

    0 by Katja, 2 years ago

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