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Galeries Lafayette

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A shopping not (only) to go shopping

Published by Ethel Rudnitzki — 2 years ago

Paris is a city known for it's luxury, and that includes it's stores, brands and shopping centers. It is not a place to find a bargain, but to buy fancy stuff. 

But either you feel like shopping or not, Galeries Lafayettes are a place to visit in the city. It is a huge French department store, just like Macy's in the US, and it has many units in France and Europe, but the main one is in Paris.

A shopping not (only) to go shopping


The store was built in 1896, when Paris was at it's highest point among the artists, writers, poets, academics and industrials in the world. All famous people used to go there, so Theophile Bader and his brother Alphonse Kahn saw an opportunity. They decided to create a luxury department store for this people go shopping. 

Since then, Galeries Lafayette grew a lot. At first it was just one building. Now it has 4 of them, and the main one has 10 floors. Impressive!

A shopping not (only) to go shopping

And the buildings themselfes are very beautiful. With the typical 19th century architecture, the Galeries are different because of its lettering and decorations with lights. During the night, projections are made in its walls, and there are beautiful chandeliers hanging on its hall. 

Inside the main building, also, you'll find a big glass dome and all the floors meet up in this center, with columnes and balconys in a way that it resembles a round theatre. Very beautiful. 

A shopping not (only) to go shopping

A shopping not (only) to go shopping


The stores inside are usually of famous brands such as Channel, Cartier, Victor Hugo, and the price is high, but you don't need to buy anything to visit the place. Galeries Lafayette are open every day for every one from 10 am to 8 pm and I reccomend the visit for anyone. 

A shopping not (only) to go shopping

If you're looking forward to buying something be prepared to spend a lot, but I guarantee you find quality stuff and a big diversity of stuff. You may find anything you want there, from clothes to eletronics, from make up to food (in the many restaurants and cafés inside les Galeries).

You can also go to the top of the store to see a great panoramic view of Paris. From the Eiffel Tower to Sacre Coeur church. Don't miss it!

A shopping not (only) to go shopping

During christmas time the Galeries get even more beautiful, covered with decorations and a big Xmas tree hanging in its center. Every year the decorations change, but it is always really pretty. 

A shopping not (only) to go shopping


When Galeries Lafayette was built, the brothers also thought about its location. It is just in front of Opera Garnier, a theatre were the intelectual elite would gather in the 19th century. The best place for attracting rich people to buy stuff.

A shopping not (only) to go shopping

It is located in 9th arrondissement neighbourhood, right next to Chaussé D'Antin Lafayette subway station (lines 7 and 9). Also, the store is named after the street where it's located "Rue Lafayette", one of the most important in Paris, that go all the way to Gare du Nort, an important station in the city. Therefore, it is very easy to get to the store. 

No excuses to miss this place when in Paris! 

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