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Wild & The Moon - Saint-Honorée

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Wild & The Moon: The Parisian cafe good for you and the planet

Translated by flag-gb Holly Probyn — 3 years ago

Original text by flag-fr Fanny Blt

For my first recommendation, I had to write about this Parisian cafe where I spent most of my time this year: Wild & The Moon.

This organic and gluten free restaurant chain is getting bigger and bigger in Paris with currently 7 restaurants open. According to the founder, Emmanuelle Sawko, she wanted to create a big healthy food chain which respects the environment too. We'll see how she gets on in a few years from now, but I don't doubt she'll be very successful...

Wild & The Moon : Le café parisien pour ton corps et pour la planète

Concept and values

The key concepts and values this cafe has are modern and ethical: no additives, no (plastic, 'hpp', gluten, refined sugar), everything is organic, vegetarian, seasonal, of fair trade and nutritious. Anyway, everything is made so that your body is thankful.

'Wild & The Moon' is described as a movement with the aim to gather nature lovers and chefs and nutritionists who want to share their lifestyle, and who think that real food is something which is good for you, good for the planet and delicious.

Wild & The Moon : Le café parisien pour ton corps et pour la planète

Food and service

The selection of food there is really diverse: fruit juices, smoothies, salads, pastries, super 'bowls', soups, focaccia, healthy snacks... Well, things which satisfy your stomach's needs.

But all that comes at a cost: in fact, the prices are quite high, it's an elite cafe.

We assume that the target customers are people who love quality food, especially healthy food, with a pinch of spirituality, and in balance (for that matter, they used to have two cafes in yoga centres).

The service is very quick: you can choose a dish which has already been prepare on the same day (drinks, salads, starters, desserts, cakes, focaccia... ) or if you go for a hot plate (dish of the day, soup, hot drinks), it's made very quickly at the time you order it and a few minutes later it's ready to be served!

Wild & The Moon : Le café parisien pour ton corps et pour la planète

The atmosphere

Plant lovers and those who love Scandinavian design will absolutely love the atmosphere here: there are lots of plants, minimalist colours, a refined architecture... You feel at ease whether you're working there or going there to have a coffee!

Wild & The Moon : Le café parisien pour ton corps et pour la planète

Above you can see 'Matcha lattre' and their 'Granola Bowl'!

My recommendations

The wide range of recipes means that there's something for everyone's taste: I don't know anyone who likes all the dishes at 'Wild & The Moon' without exceptions, and I even have many disagreements with my friends about our favourite dishes.

But what we can all agree on (and I would even say is the signature dish of 'Wild & The Moon') is their 'Açai Bowl'.

They make it using 5 ingredients: homemade granola, açai, banana, homemade almond milk and maple syrup for those who like their food. They add a few red berries for the topping, and that's it!

However, they've managed to master the perfect quantity and portions to make their clients crazy about it.

In my personal recommendations, I would add their banana cake to the list: it's perfect for those who want a snack which isn't too big but very filling.

Along the same lines, I really like their 'blueberry scones which I must add can be a bit dry and stodgy, but with their cashew nut cream, the mix is a true delight!

I find their 'orange blossom - pistachio cookies' very good, although a little too sugary for my taste.

Their 'granola bowl' is wonderful, although their 'granola rose' is more popular amongst my friends (it's made using coconut, cranberries and roses).

Wild & The Moon : Le café parisien pour ton corps et pour la planète

(Above you can see the 'Charcoal Latte' and the 'Matcha Latte').

In terms of hot drinks, I can only recommend the 'match latte'!

(Some advice: don't hesitate to ask for it without maple syrup if you're not a big fan of sugary things).

In terms of their smoothies, that really depends on your tastes and colours, although I love the fact that the ingredients used in the one called 'Namaste' are rare and not easy to make ('pitaya', 'rishi', 'ashwagandha'... )

Amongst some of the most popular salads, they have the 'protein bowl' made with quinoa, avocados, broccoli, edamame, cucumber, pomegranate, onion and especially their delicious cashew cheese.

Anyway, it's a place where you can treat yourself, whilst treating your body and the planet with respect, but all in moderation because the loyalty card they give you makes this delightful time addictive!

Wild & The Moon : Le café parisien pour ton corps et pour la planète


It has a very good transport link because it's next to the Opera (they also have another cafe closer but it's smaller and not as nice).

6 minutes from 'Pyramide' or 8 minutes from 'd'Opéra'.

Line REF 'A' and then 'Auber' or metro line '1', '7', or '8'.


The positives:

  • Available and very effective on the application: 'Too good to Go' where you can buy things which haven't been sold at an affordable price!
  • Healthy food.
  • Plant-based plastic packaging, made of corn starch and sugar cane (biodegradable).
  • Seasonal menu.
  • They change the ingredients every day in their hot dishes, soups and focaccias.
  • Open every day.
  • Free WiFi.
  • Tables where you can work and relax.
  • International staff (so it makes it easy to speak in English).
  • Many restaurants in many different areas.
  • They serve breakfast, lunch, snacks and diner.
  • You can order on 'Deliveroo'.

The negatives:

  • There's no doubt that it's very expensive.
  • The dishes which are ordered and served are all plastic-free, but the food and ingredients all come in non-plant-based plastic packaging (so in the end it still contributes to the production of plastic... )

Wild & The Moon : Le café parisien pour ton corps et pour la planète

I hope you liked this article, and I hope to write more like this in the future!

Have a good day everyone.

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