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Palais des Invalides

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Another historic place in Paris

Published by Ethel Rudnitzki — 2 years ago

Almost every corner of Paris has a history hidden. The city has more than 10 thousand years old, as archeologists say, and it became one of the most importants cities in the western world during th 5th century, mantaining this status until nowadays.

An historic place in Paris that not many people go to is the Palais des Invalides. It is a big palace built in the 17th century in the heart of the city - 20 minutes walking from the Eiffel Tower, and less then 5 minutes from Musée D'Orsay.

It is a big building with a great golden dome, and surrounded by walls and cannons. From the facade you can assume it is a militar buiding, and that is right.



Palais des Invalides was built to receive and take care of the french soldiers hurt during the royal battles. The architect responsible was Liberál Bruant, a man with renaissance influences.


The palace had a courtyard and many rooms for the ex-soldiers to live a peaceful life. It was also built a church for prayers for the ill - The cathedral Saint-Louis des Invalides.


Nowadays the place still has an area for ex-soldiers, but it also keeps a big museum that tells the history of french army: Musée de L'Armé.

Also, the cathedral inside it became a national Pantheon, where Napoleon is honored with a tomb.



It is located in the 7th arrondissement region in Paris - that used to be a suburb back in the time it was constructed, but now it is in the center of the city.

Palais des Invalides is located in a priviledged spot in the city: with a great view to the Eiffel Tower and to Alexandre III bridge, over the Seine river. It also has a park in front, that leads to the margins of the river and to the French Nacional Assembly.


You can get there by subway or train. There are many stations close to it: Invalides (RER C, lines 8 and 13), Assembleé National (line 12).

If you visiting other places in Paris you can get there by walking from many spots, such as Champ de Mars, Musée D'Orsay and Champs-Elysées. That way you'll get to know the city better.

Once in Paris you must see Palais des Invalides (even if you don't have time to go in, just pass by it). It is a beautiful place.

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