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Shakespeare & Co

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For readers and non-readers

Published by Ethel Rudnitzki — 2 years ago

It doesn't matter if you like reading or not, once you enter Shakespeare and Co library you will definetly want to read something. 

For readers and non-readers

The book store was ellected one of the most beautiful in the world by many websites, such as TelegraphSkyscanner and even BBC. And it is indeed stunning. With walls covered in bookshelves from the bottom to the top you will find titles of every theme you like, from Romance to Economy, from Science Fiction to Poetry. 

Shakespera and Co has two floors of books, organized by theme and author and most books are classics. It will be easy to find literature clichés such as Moby Dick, Catcher in the Rye and many more - but it won't be so easy to find the actual romance best sellers, like Nicholas Sparks's. That's what makes the place so unique. 

The scenery is also very special. Looking like a desorganized place, kind of a grandma's old library, it is cozy. So much that you will find a cat living around the shelves and sleeping in the many couches around - it is the store's mascot. 

The facade is very nice as well. With book sales on the outside, and sometimes a line of tourists who want to visit the place, it's almost impossible not to notice it.

For readers and non-readers

Also, there is a piano ready to be played on the second floor, as well as a priviledged view to Notre Dame church and the Seine river. 

For readers and non-readers

Another great thing about the library is that most titles are in English so you don't need to speak French to buy or read books there.


The book store was founded in the 1951 as a tribute to another bookstore with the same name in Paris where famous writers like Ernest Hemingway and James Joyce would gather. The old place went out of business during the nazi ocupation in France and after that the american writer George Whitman decided to build the new one. 

For readers and non-readers

The place was opened with a different name, but after Whitman's death, his daughter decided to rename it after the old library. 


The store is located right in front of Notre Dame church, but on the other side of the Seine river. It is just next to Saint Michel - Notre Dame, subway and train station. It serves lines 4 and RER C and B, so it is very acessible. 

Also, it is really close to the Rue de la Huchette, where you can find many small and cool restaurants and cafés to have some snacks or meals. 

If you're in Paris and visiting the neighbourhood (which you probably will do), don't miss Shakespeare and Company bookstore. 

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