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Au P'tit Grec

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The best Crepes in Paris in the Greek Crêperie

Published by Nadine Schlehofer — 3 years ago

Au P'tit Grec is one of the best Creperies in Paris. Actually, there is a ranking, which puts it under the ten best. It was on one of my first days in Paris that I had my first crepe there.

After our evaluation exam for our level in French we wanted to go and eat something. We asked and were sent to the Rue Mouffetard, about which I will write more later on, to go to Au P'tit Grec, which doesn’t sound French at all. I already expected Greek food, but it is a creperie.

In France, it is common to have sweet and salty crepes, which was new to me. I only knew sweet crepes with jam or fruits. Here, you can get them with ham, cheese, chicken, mushrooms, eggs or whatever. And Au P'tit Grec is known for its tasty and big Crepes. I chose one with goat cheese, fresh salad, tomatoes and onions. They prepare it before your eyes and many people take videos. It is easily to find, because there is always a big crowd and normally you wait between half an hour and one hour to ask for your crepe. But it is absolutely worth it. They are really one of the best crêpes I ever ate.

After half a year in Paris I would always return there and show it to every one of my friends, who also loved it. For me, it was almost too much. I could barely finish it and then wouldn’t need anything more to eat for the whole day. But they are really bigger than elsewhere. Sometimes we would go there and first have a salty crepe and my friends then would continue with a sweet one. I was still struggeling with my first one, when they went off to get another one. It is just because they are so tasty, you just want to continue eating forever. You can have all kinds of things in them, from jams, chocolate, kinder, Rafaello … I don’t even remember it. The salty ones could be with Chorizo, Mozzarella, Goat cheese, Feta, Salad, Mushrooms, sausages, eggs… And you would only pay between two to five euros. That’s really cheap for Paris.

The best Crepes in Paris in the Greek Crêperie

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