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Louis Vutton Foundation

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Exhibition - African Art

Published by Itxaso Steel — 2 years ago

We went to the Louis Vutton Foundation in June 2017, when they were in the middle of an African art exhibition. This was particularly interesting as there was lots of shows and pieces from the apartheid and various dictatorships, as well as lots of woven pieces, masks made from recycled goods, photography and paintings from a variety of countries in Africa - mostly francophone but lots from South Africa too. 

The Foundation is a nice place to wanter round - often I lose focus at art exhibitions if there is too much to take in but the way that each floor is kept quite small and there are gardens to take a break in and a cafe, etc, made it easy to keep going and keep interest for the whole day that we ended up spending there. 

There is a nice water feature on the bottom floor and outside the cafe area there were music performances going on intermittently. 

From what I understand there are some base pieces and areas that never change, and the other half of the building is used for a variety of exhibitions, so take a look at whats on when you are in Paris and see what might interest you, its definitely worth a look even though the ticket was quite pricey (I think around 15 euros with a student discount from what I remember). Also definitely check out the view over Bois de Boulogne from the top floor garden area!

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