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Maison Landemaine Oberkampf

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Maison Landemaine | Café 11e

Published by Oat Sitalasai — 5 years ago

For this edition of cafe hunting in Paris, I would like to share with you guys a cafe that is just minutes from my school, called Maison Landemaine, on 41 rue Oberkampf. If you were coming from the metro, I would get off at Oberkampf, however Parmentier is not too far away either. Please note that they are not open on Wednesday, but are available on every other day from 7am until 8:30pm.

I walk pass this boulangerie every morning and there hasn't been a morning where this place is not packed. One day, I decided to wake up that little bit earlier - we all know how tough it is to do that in winter - so that I could treat myself to a thing or two here. I only had time for a quick coffee and a pain au chocolat. The coffee was made with a robot machine, and the resulting product was nothing to be admired of. I’m not a big fan of these types of coffee, and would rather prefer one made by a human frothing the milk. Not only was it not the best coffee I’ve ever drunk, it was also quite expensive. I can’t recall the exact price but it would've been over three euros for a cappuccino.

On a brighter note, what do they do well here? I would say, everything else. The bread and baguettes are made in house and fresh every morning. The beautiful aroma and pastry chefs running around inside are your guarantees for that. They’ve got so many types of baguettes and is a strong competitor for good boulangeries in the area - and there is plenty! I personally enjoy their pain au chocolat. It would be foolish for anyone calling themselves a boulangerie to fail making good pain au chocolat.

Other than these goodies, you may also choose from a wide range of pastries and danishes, including but not limited to butter croissants, raisin cinnamon swirls, galettes, and cookies. Since this place is really close to our school, my friends tend to always get something from here during our break, and the cool thing is that, they always come back with different items! To sum it all up, Maison Landemaine is an all in one place for of Boulangerie + Viennoiserie + Patisserie + more.

If you’re not there for breakfast or too early in the morning, you can also quickly grab a sandwich and a drink here. They have a meal deals starting from 7. 90 euros as you could see below from their chalkboard.

The best time to come here is probably in the afternoon - avoid breakfast and lunch periods. This is the time that I finish school and the place is a bit more calm. You can then take a seat and enjoy the free wifi internet that they have here! While it is a small spot, it is very work-friendly. Finding a plug to charge your electronics may be a challenge though, since the space is limited and you won’t always get that spot.

To go with your afternoon, you will face a tough decision in choosing which cake or sweets you would like with your tea or coffee. They have a strong selection of really delicious looking desserts, cakes, and tarts that are all made in house. A friend of mine is a fan of their pear tart here, in which has that beautiful golden brown colour of the pastry and caramelisation of the pear. Their Paris-Brest and eclairs are something that I will get my hands on next.

All in all, Maison Landemaine at the corner of Rue Oberkampf and Rue de la Folie Méricourt, is definitely worth your time to try. This all in one place will satisfy your cravings for good bread and good home made viennoiserie and patisserie. They also have boutiques in other locations around the Paris Metropolitan area, be sure to check out their website below for a spot that is closest to you.

Website Maison Landemaine Paris

  • Accessibility - 8/10.
  • Price - 7/10.
  • Selection - 9/10.
  • Staff Friendliness - 8/10.
  • Cleanliness - 8/10.
  • Overall - 8/10.

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