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Café Le Chat Noir

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Special cocktails and cozy atmoshere – Le chat noir

Published by Nadine Schlehofer — 3 years ago


One of my favourite bars in Paris is the café Le Chat Noir in Montmatre. It is a really well known bar, which has several locations in Paris. I prefer the one in Montmatre. Simply, because I found that one on a stroll around by accident and not on purpose. And secondly, because I love the artistic and special atmosphere of Montmatre. The café is close to the Metrostation Blanche and so easily reachable. The furniture is all in red and black and everyhwhere you see the black cat. On the tables, on the windows, on the plates. You can either sit inside, where you can also eat, or outside, which is only for drinking and having small snacks. Outside, is not really outside. You have gass windows and heaters that spare you from the wind and cold. This is really Parisian, because the Parisians love sitting outside all year.


The people working there are very kind and always polite talking to you, giving tips on everything. And the cocktails are the best in the city. You have a large variety of different cocktails, all you can wish for. In the afternoon, from 16-18 o’clock they have Happy Hour, so you can get cocktails for five euro each. And that is really cheap for Paris. I used to come here often with my friends, because we loved the atmosphere and the cocktails. Some days, we would drink up to four cocktails, because they were “just” five euro! In the end, we ended up with a large bill, but we also enjoyed many cocktails. On your cocktail, you always some kind of extra, mostly sweets. And on the side of your cocktail, they always bring some salty popcorn, which they refill, when it is empty. If you don’t order something new, after some time they will stop refilling, because they also want to earn something. But, after some time, they knew me and my friends and we were always welcome. You always have a good view on the people passing by and we enjoyed guessing about their lives. Sometimes, we would invent whole stories

I highly recommend this Café and will always stop by when I am in Paris. It has really become one of my favourite places.



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