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La fête des vendanges de Montmartre

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Best fireworks display I've ever seen!

Published by Alan Jennings — 4 years ago

Best fireworks display I've ever seen!

On my most recent trip to Paris I was lucky enough to arrive on the same day as the "La fête des vendanges de Montmartre" We had no idea this event was taking place the same weekend so it was a great surprise to find out we were going to see a fireworks display during our trip as well!

We were doing other touristy things during the day and evening so we didn't get a chance to sample the food & drink aspect of the festival, but we did get to see the fireworks so we were very happy. The event takes place all around the Sacré Coeur basilica in the 18th arrondissement. It's pretty easy to get there as you just take the number 12 Metro line. The Baslicia itself is worth a visit alone, you don't need fireworks for an excuse to visit this area.

Best fireworks display I've ever seen!

Even though we missed it, I feel I should mention that there is also a food & drink aspect to the festival. There are tents and stands all over the place where you can sample some amazing foods and wines and purchase the stuff that tickles your fancy! I am upset that we didn't get to try anything but the fireworks soon made up for this disapointment.

We arrived around 1 hour before the fireworks were due to start and the area was already packed with people. We found a really, really nice spot directly in fron of the Basilica on the main street so we had a perfect view for the fireworks. As the time for fireworks approached, it became really, really buzy on the main street. It got to the stage where it was quite uncomfortable to be standing so close together with everyone. This was the only downside to the whole evening however.

Best fireworks display I've ever seen!

Now onto the fireworks display itself. I have previously worked for Sea World in San Diego and they organise a large fireworks display every evening during the summer. I thought I had become immune to fireworks displays after having seen the Sea World one so many times but this display proved that I wasn't! Everything was perfect. The music matched the fireworks perfectly and there were a couple of clear themes running throughout the entire display. The jungle noises coupled with the firefly like fireworks was really cool!

The finale had to be the greatest part of the whole display however. I had thought that a previous climatic section was the end but was pleasantly surprised to see that we were getting more. The finale was filled with enormous fireworks and a huge collection of colours. There seemed to be 10 fireworks going off every second and each was bigger and more intense than they last. Once the finale came to an explosive halt the crowd erupted in applause. I heard many people saying it was the best display they had ever seen and I have to say I tend to agree with them! 

This is a festival that takes place every year so I would definitely reccommend it to anyone looking to make a trip to Paris is October.


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