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The unavoidable Paris Disneyland

Translated by James Imparato — one year ago

Original text by Silvia Bafunno

From a very young age we dreamed of living the lives of our superheros, well, heroes, and storybook characters, and, well we found a place to live out our fantasies, Paris Disneyland!

There is no age limit to participate, the young as well as the old can benefit, however there are certain times of the year that offer specific attractions. In fact most people may not be aware that certain shows headline around specific times of the year.

During Halloween for example one can see the devils, goblins, and the Disney characters that are not there at other times of the year: Lady Tremaine, Cruella D'Enfer, Gaston, and during the Christmas holiday season they organize a special parade, and a wonderful festival organized around the New Year including animations in pyrotechnics!

Personally I think its worth buying a two day pass especially if you want to see the two parks: Disney Park and Walt Disney Studios. The double ticket allows you to visit the parks interchangeably throughout the entire day.

The unavoidable Paris Disneyland

Another suggestion is that you purchase a Fast Pass otherwise you may spend hours and hours in line just to visit a two minute attraction or with just one photo with one of the celebrity characters, it also would be much easier if you visit the park with someone who knows their way around. Me, I was lucky enough to have had the chance with one of the official park guides: My dear friend Miguel, who I thank for showing me the best part of the park and helping me live out my dream with my dear family!

Now the heart of my article.

The first not to miss attraction, Its a Small World, which is also the first attraction you see when entering the park. Its Walt Disney's conception of the world, and the song that stays with you during your stay, and can't seem to get out of your head.

Just next to a Small World you will find The Princesses Pavillion, during the day there are two princesses that you can take photos with. Me, I had the opportunity to take a photo with both princesses that day, Belle and Rapunzle and you can also get their autographs. There are other characters that meander through the park each day where you can do the same. No worry if by chance you miss the opportunity because they all come by in a parade organnized at the end of each day!

The unavoidable Paris Disneyland

The Disney Stars on Parade at 5:00 p. m. will culminate your visit at the end of the day. You will see all the characters on floats while joyful music plays. The best spot to view the parade is from the the la Belle au Bois Dormant( Sleepin Beauty forest) get there a half hour ahead of time to ensure your first in line!

To test your will the Star Wars Hyper Space Mountain is perfect! For me it was a breathtaking spectacle comprising a rollercoaster ride in the dark and is accessible for the entire family. There is Star Wars: The Adventure Continues with film projections of the film personalities from their adventures in space.

Each theme is unique in its use of costume and design. That which I liked the most and that you cannot miss is The Pirates of the Caribbean. This course is covered which allows the simulation of darkness or nighttime, its really a nice effect!

Concerning the studios, I recommend Toy Story RC Racer its fun and quick but can be enjoyed by the little ones and those of limited mobility, and the Tower of Terror, where at any moment you have a complete view of the park.

And finally to culminate your experience try participating in Disney Illustrations the light spectacular at midnight projected on the Castle of Sleeping Beauty the true symbol for Disneyland, you will be dreaming and singing!

You don't want to head home just yet, not without getting a photo with Disneyland's iconic mascot Mickey Mouse!

The unavoidable Paris Disneyland

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