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Disneyland Paris

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And the 10th Wonder of The World Is...

Published by Stephanie Agbottah — 4 years ago


Well it is not official yet but yes I have given it that position. That place is paradise I wish it never had closing hours! No, I can exaggerate but this is certainly not me doing that right now.

I was there during my fall break (November 2015) with my friend. I honestly have forgotten how we took the subway metros, Paris is really busy and crowded; oh! And they do not joke with their time at all. Shh it's really easy to get lost so you need your map. Experienced that though.

So we got Marne-la-Vallée by submetro (we had to get buy tickets to access the metros) there are tons of barriers that you'd have to checkout at before getting to the railway where you'd get into the mini-trains/metros.

It took close to an hour from Saint Marcel (where I was lodged. ) I could not wait to get to the place mostly because I didn't fully charge my phone and I wanted to capture so much and secondly, sitting in the metro was getting boring.

1 hour later...

" What on earth...? " That was just my reaction seeing the place from a mile away I guess. So fast forward, security checks. My bag was scanned too and I was allowed in. We were fortunate to have a free entry thanks to a friend of our host. It is 45euros actually per ticket and they do have different plans. So you check the website.

We entered the Disney Store where there was every souvenir you could imagine it was so heavenly. Yes everything. From a dust bin to a needle. We kept strolling and found ourselves at Theme Park and the hotel. There was a brook, hedges shaped like the disney characters and that was at the forefront. Our ticket "donor" works there so we met her up and she had to speak in the thickened french accent which I had to slowly find a reply to and explained at the check to the Main Theme Park so we finally entered and woooow! The place was really "Halloween" not scary but they decorated it really to fit the Halloween season.

We just passed through the big entrance, follow me in your imagination...

"whhhoooo-mwahahaha-whoo" that was supposed to be an evil laughter by some sorcerer I guess? Yup that kept echoing everywhere in the park. Snap it out... It was broad daylight. I saw this cartoon's statue(I don't recall its name) and *snap* my friend took a shot of us... So my battery had died by then because I had already taken close to 60 shots, so my friend's phone had to continue.

So we took our first picture together in front of the tower Disney. We got onto the bridge and...

We are in the tower now..

  • Stories written out in books stage by stage with the actual pictures and props;
  • Spindle in Sleeping beauty;
  • The princess and the frog.

We took the stairs upstairs and saw the whole view. Outside the tower, we saw Jack and an actual beanstalk so tall as stated in the story. We met Maleficent and she was giving autographs she scared us and there were too many people there. We tried the Mad hatter's tea cup which is like a merry-go-round but in a teacup and you have to steer it to move. We tried the Labyrinth and the horse ride.

The Space Mountain was mightily scary! It was like we were laundry in a washing machine. It was so dark and you couldn't see the way the roller coaster went. You'll see all the planets in 3D go through tranquil rides and abruptly stop, we screamed our heads off!

Next we watched Star Wars at the Jedi Training Center where the students act it out at the expense of a meal you buy at their restaurant. The meal was super for 12 euros.

Then we tried the mines (it was dark at this time). This one is on a mountain with rifts and sharpest curves you can imagine and it feels so close to the sky. I had to close my eyes throughout and scream. I lost my scarf on this.

The last thing we tried was Jumbo's flying ears. The French call it Dumbo. We went to Aladdin's city and afterwards into Disney city to see more and get souvenirs. I got an apron.

We could not go everywhere. It is too big a place to try everything. It was so fun. Disneyland is not for kids alone it is for all. You can get your ticket and have more fun than I did because there is so much I haven't said like one character I run away from because he looked really horrifying. He chased me and I could not take a picture with him LOL. I lost my turn. I hope you don't! Do well to tell me about yours when you do visit too.

I am in the beanie in the pictures.

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Where the dreams come true!

Published by Barbarka Houfková — 4 years ago

Hello everybody!

This is my first experience with blog and I would like to start with an awesome trip to Disneyland where I went on the 5th of March 2016! First, don´t be confused with opinions that Disneyland is only for children! I think the biggest advantage of this park is that everybody can find something interesting for him/her no matter the age.

From the first moment in France I was sure that during my studies I need to visit Disneyland because I am really interested in theme parks. We booked the trip in January and whole two months I could not wait going there! Even though I promised my family and my younger sister to go there with them at the end of my semester it did not prevent me to book the trip also with International club from our school. I knew that my family would not go with me to the "scary" attractions and also it would be little bit different experience. That´s why I decided to go there twice!


Trip Day

Unfortunately the day did not start so well. Not only that last night we slept only about 2 hours because of party, when we entered the Disneyland it was raining and I felt really cold. I could not imagine the day would be great in such terrible weather. I was repeating many times: "I should have taken more clothes. Why did I take only one sweater? “ This sentence is common for me because since my erasmus programme started it seems to me that I am freezing all the time everywhere. Nevermind, we joined the group with my friend Lucia from Slovakia and we followed them to the first attraction.


My other friend decided to ask employees in Disneyland about the best attractions and places there so we agreed quickly on which ones we would like to see the most. In Disneyland, they have great system for waiting procedure. The first good thing is that as soon as you buy your ticket you do not have to pay for attractions inside anymore. The second thing is that if you really hate waiting in the line you can avoid it. They offer so called „fastpass“ which you can take at almost every bigger attraction. At fastpass you can see certain time and if you visit the attraction within this time horizont, you do not have to wait the line. Also, you can see how many minutes does it take to stand normal line. Now enough explanation and lets talk about the attractions!


The attractions

Firstly we took fastpass for "best roller-coaster“ in Disneyland called Space Mountain and in the meantime we went to the simulator Star Tour related to Star Wars. It was our first thing we saw and it was good. I think it resembles some 5D cinema or something. We were watching the screen and our seat was moving and for one moment I felt like I was sitting in the real space rocket. It was not anything special but all my friends liked it as a good start. But after that everybody was so excited about the roller-coaster. It suprised me that it was all inside. I felt little bit scared but as I love these things I knew that it would be great. I was sitting next to the Lucia watching how we were entering the track. It was all in the dark! I loved it! It was so fast, sometimes upside down and totally crazy! Since everywhere it was dark it was suprising when we went through the lights. After finishing this attraction everybody was sure we had to go there again!


Secondly, we decided to try another roller-coaster Indiana Jones. When I found out that it is all outside I felt upset. Even if we took fastpass we had 40 minutes off so we decided to wait normal line. The line never ended! It was so long. Fortunately we started to talk with my friend Alberto about everything and since I have always fun with him the time went fast and I forgot about the cold and waiting. And after - we finally took the ride! I loved it again! It was similar to the previous one but all outside so you could see what will follow after which is great if you sit in the first row as we did. I enjoyed the atmosphere because we were screaming all the time. The ride was quite short so we felt happy that we took fastpass before and we went there again. These three attractions took a lot of time and it was already about 3 pm and we still had not eaten anything.


Before coming to Disney a lot of people warned me that the food and drinks will be super expensive. Thats why I took some sandwiches but still it was not enough. We checked the prices in the restaurant and I was in a shock. The prices were maybe higher than normally but we chose perfect menu for 13 euros which is normal price for lunch in the restaurant in France! I enjoyed my lasagne, garlic baguette, tiramisu and cappuccino a lot! And after when we warmed ourselves we continued to explore the rest of the Disneyland. And the sun came up! It was great opportunity to take some pictures and of course we did it as always. The main castle looked nicer in this weather than when we saw it for the first time. And now when I am watching the pictures I can say that this castle was one of the best magic things in Disneyland. It is all pink and huge and thanks to it I felt there like in a fairy tale.


After our lunch we continued to the Pirates of the Caribbean, Small Little World, Carousel and House of horror. I liked everything. Everywhere there was possibility to take the ride by boat or just sit in the chair or couch so we could comfortably watch everything. It is seen that building the park had to take a lot of time and work because the buildings were huge and inside there were a lot of rooms to watch.

Other amazing thing was a parade! At 7 pm people started to make a row and Disney characters started to walk/dance/ride and do the parade! With all nice music, people and atmosphere it was awesome! We saw Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, characters from Toy Story and so on! The parade made everybody feel warm, optimistic and happy.


We finished our great day with one more ride at Space Mountain which was the perfect ending of our day. And as you know nothing is perfect, also in Disneyland some attractions were closed and some of them were under the reconstruction. At least we know that they are working on improving the park and next time it can be even better. Also, we were little bit disapointed that we left Disneyland at 9 pm because at 10 pm there is a firework every night! Unfortnutely one girl from our school got lost so we had to wait for her later than we expected. But at least we saw the firework from the bus.

We got to Lille about 1. 30 am and I was so happy to go to sleep after such a long day and demanding week. Although before falling asleep I was thinking about whole parc with the magic atmosphere and how I enjoyed everything there...


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