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A faraway place in the middle of Paris

Translated by A M — 5 months ago

Original text by Isa Bel

Those who think they have seen everything there is to see in Paris - a notion that I find to be totally impossible, after six months there - should go to the Mosque. It's located directly beside Jardin des Plantes, therefore not too far from the Seine. After going through the Mosque's gates you'll find yourself in an unusual courtyard with a garden, reminiscent of a faraway land, making you forget that you're actually in the middle of Paris. Admission is €3, €2 for students, and is really worthwhile. You can roam freely through colourful riverside walks, and can get a view of the courtyard of the café from the roof. The courtyard, ornamented with plants and turquoise rivers, is particularly beautiful.

If you still haven't had enough after visiting, you can fill your belly with tasty oriental sweets, and enjoy a delicious cup of mint tea for just €2 at the courtyard's café restaurant. The best part is, most tourists don't know about this spot yet. So take the opportunity of experiencing another side to Paris, off the beaten track of tour buses around the Eiffel Tower.

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