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Le mur de je t'aime

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The wall of love messages

Published by Itxaso Steel — 2 years ago

Le mur de je t'aime, or the wall of love, is a beautiful large chalk board with 'I love you' and other declarations of love written in over 250 different languages. Located just down the hill from the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, it is a very touristy area but this wall is just inside its own little park where you can take a seat and chill for a bit.

There is always a small line of tourists waiting to get their photo taken infront of the wall but it is a nicer, calmer vibe than the rest of Montmartre. There are also plenty of cute little cafes and restaurants nearby - although they may be on the expensive side.

If youre visiting Paris for the first time you will definitely have to visit this area anyway - so you should definitely stop by!

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