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Luxembourg Gardens

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Luxembourg Gardens

Published by Kriya Vij — 3 years ago


Image credit : Frenchmoments | An area in the Luxembourg gardens

Looking for a place in Paris with greenery and natural beauty, with a touch of French architecture and under the sun? Luxembourg gardens could be one of the places to go, and it's free!



Image : Google Maps screenshot | Location of the Luxembourg gardens

The Luxembourg gardens are located well within Paris, in the 6th arrondissement. The gardens are in front of the Luxembourg Palace. Many people also walk to other nearby tourist spots. St Sulpice, a famous church, is very close to the Luxembourg gardens. Pantheon is another major location which is at a walkable distance. Ile de la cite is not very far either. RER B stations Port Royal and Luxembourg are right next to the gardens.


The Luxembourg gardens are centuries old and were commissioned by the royalties of the French kingdom. The gardens have gone through expansions and changes before reaching their current form and status.

The Gardens


Image credit : Tripadvisor | Beautiful flowers at The luxembourg gardens. The Luxembourg Palace can be seen in the background. 

In the French language, the Luxemboug garden is known as "Jardin du Luxembourg".

The gardens have a lot of greenery and visitors spend some leisurely time here under the sun. Entry to the gardens is free. There is also a water pool and a fountain in the gardens. The palace is also magnificent and adds to the beautiful surroundings.


Image Credit : Discoverwalks | The pool in the Luxemourg Gardens

In today's world where it is getting more and more difficult to look up from the gadgets and observe the surroundings and converse, places like these are not only for recreation but are good for mental health. The gardens have chairs and benches that provide a place to sit and relax in fresh air and be in a 3 dimensional world (not looking at 2D screens) along with other tourists. The gardens are among the top tourist sites of Paris. 

Specially in the summer, it is a great place to enjoy some sunlight and the flourishing flowers and greenery next to the royal palace. A very Parisien feeling. The Luxembourg gardens are definitely a place right in the middle of Paris yet quite isolated from the busy Parisien business life and work. So, sit and relax and gather a bunch of friends or family members to enjoy your time at the Luxembourg Gardens.

Taking pictures is completely allowed and you can definitely manage to get some great shots! So do not forget to bring your camera along.

So, while you are in Paris, don't miss out on some leisurely, light moments in these beautiful gardens.

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