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Corcoran's Irish pub

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Fish and chips with a view

Published by rhianna tearle — 5 years ago

My favourite place in Paris as a student to go to is an Irish pub which is on the top of the hill right next to the sacre coeur. They have amazing food that reminds me of home and such a friendly atmosphere which is welcoming to forginers such as myself. one if the reasons I like this place is that afterwards you can sit on the steps and watch as Paris goes by. There may be live music or outdoor cinemas but if nip it you won't get bored of watching others climb up the steps and be amazed by the view. even in bad weather there is still the beautiful cathedral to walk around. One of the reasons I like to visit tourist attractions is the tourists. As I don't speak French very well I feel isolated and lost whenever i hear it on the train or walking down the street so I love to listen and being able to understand when people are speaking English as it again takes me back to being at home. 

I have a blog with a detailed description of a meal out here with friends, it also has other information that other students might find helpful.

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