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My Trip to Paris

Published by Sala Hassan — one year ago

First destination: Faten ANSI-3 days

Day 1

The Saudi Arabian Airways flight took us from Riyadh airport to Paris airport on July 20 after midnight and the most beautiful evening trips that enable you to reach your station at the beginning of the new day

To begin your journey while you are at the top of your activity and enthusiasm. We arrived in Paris in the morning and Antalkna with the car that it rented from Avis on a relatively long road trip from Paris to the picturesque, forgetting about 600 km. 

The fact that the road trip was a little tired for the length of the distance but the gas stations that are on the way and that provide you with all the delicious from the Sannak and the coffee and sweets that help keep the children under control we got to forget about the afternoon of the first day, and after we put our bags in the apartment, they went off. To explore this charming city, which has a little bit of a gene and a profile of Italian Venice, as the old city's water channels permeate the Downton town beautifully and its people are beautiful by decorating the canals with roses, trees and antique buildings. You walk through the streets of the old City and you want to not stop moving, and you're happy with her antique, and mingle with the crowds, the visitors, their laughter, and your intimate intimacy with this city, and you sweep up a huge amount of joy and happiness, and you don't realize his secret. You wish you could stop time so the moment of joy does not end with Fitnah and beauty of this place.

What's famous for him, too, is ice cream. It has a lot of stores that provide you with the delicious and varied types of scripts that help to overcome the heat of the atmosphere.

It's our first day after sunset, and we didn't pay attention to the fact that the restaurants were full of tourists and locals, so we had to carry our supper to our apartment.

Day 2

We started it in the morning and Antalkna to the castle of the city, and then discovered that we arrived more than half an hour before opening its doors and waiting until 9:30 to begin the visit. The fact that the castle is not something worth visiting unless you have nothing else to do,

Except for the beautiful view of the lake from the roof of the castle. After that we went back to the Old city or the center of magic and gravity that you can't get off to eat in a very cool Italian restaurant (yesterday's dinner was also Italy).

The period of the afternoon we went to find out more of the charm of forgetting and her charms, which is the lake of Anse and the Europe park that hugs the lake with a thousand and harmony. The park is as beautiful as any European gardens but what distinguishes it is its beautiful appearance on the lake and the passage of its water axe channel which is crowned by the Lovers Bridge in a view that your eyes can only love again and again. Moving forward in the garden, hoping to blend it and blend it with the lake in an exquisite surreal painting that makes you barely walk on its ground, but rises from the surface like you're flying, so it's impossible for you to get tired, you don't walk on the floor.

Reach the end of the park and your eyes are made of fresh vegetables and beautiful roses that add more charm and Fitnah to the lake.

Why is it so fast at happy times and beautiful places? Never feel the time in the forget it goes as a waterfall water flows quickly but in serenity and freshness.

We went to a burger restaurant with a nice, very friendly man who is more intimate with this charming city. The day is over and we are not finished satisfying our appetite for beauty and affliction forget it.

Day 3

Antalkna am for the Gorges Fier, which is about half an hour away. The place is beautiful and the experience is good for the children to watch the water gorges. Then we went to the waterfall area known as Cascades Du Hersisson, which is about two hours north of Anse. The area is a beautiful forest with 7 consecutive falls, stretching around 3.5 km, and if you want to visit the seven waterfalls, you will be cut back and forth, that is, about 7 km and you need sneakers (for your sake, God bless you) and physical exertion. The visit was very beautiful and wonderful for the children to enjoy nature.

After the falls visit, we had to go back to the center of magic and Gravity in the Old City, and after a nice ride and ice cream, we decided to dine at a Moroccan restaurant as per the trip to Pfizer program recommendation. The restaurant is about 1.5 km away from the old City and we went to it by foot and although we had a full hour before the closing date, the restaurant was closed:( We went back to a small Lebanese restaurant in the Old City run by a couple of people, we got to him at 10 p.m. and the husband told us that the closing time had come, I painted him a big smile he told me it's okay, I'll cook you whatever you want. Take it. Her thirst.

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