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NSH Football Shop

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Paris Footbal Lovers | Shop 11e

Published by Oat Sitalasai — 5 years ago

This post is intended for a specific group of people who share the same passion as mine for the beautiful game that is football - or soccer. I have recently discovered what is now one of my favorite shops in the 11th arrondissement, and this for a good reason. The name NSH Football Shop speaks for itself!

Located in the 11th just steps away from the metro station République, I can assure you that it is the best store in Paris if you are looking for football gears. I have heard of a trend in Japan and Thailand whereby entrepreneurs and football lovers combine to open up stores exclusively for football. NSH Football shares the same concept as Kamo Soccer Shop in Japan and Ari Football Concept Store in Thailand by offering a wide variety of models to choose from. The shop has two floors, with the ground floor reserved for shorts, socks and training wears of the main European teams such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd, Manu City, AC Milan, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern München, Paris Saint Germain, etc.

Before I keep talking about the shop, I must tell you that they have a huge sale from now on until around mid-February. If you are running out of time to even read this blog but still want to check the place, take the metro and go there now! The last time I was there the sales were in full swing and they still had a wide range of size choices for their jerseys and sneakers. But with a current sale up to 40% and sometimes even 50% this choice is decreasing as I am typing right now. I mean, half-price jerseys are like heaven on earth!

While wandering on the ground floor, you can find the sales item at the bottom of the shop, with two racks reserved for clubs and countries. You can also find a few football fashion items here. You can also go down the stairs to the basement level. There are really awesome replicas of ‘old school’ jerseys. I was surprised to find an authentic German jersey from the 2002 World Cup in Japan and Korea, with Ballack and 13 written on the back. They have other cool models of matches of the Real Madrid, Newcastle United or France of the 2006 World Cup with Zidane, and many others. From classic to modern, they have more sales especially reserved for country jerseys. There have full racks of jerseys of Germany, Brazil, Argentina, France, and many others. If you have read me until this point, you really should be going to this place.

Walking a bit farther, you will be in the sneakers area. They have a great choice of brands and replicas. And of course more sales there as well! They also have Nike and Adidas sneakers on sale and you can also find other brands like Puma and Pantofola! I had never seen a pair of Pantofola sneakers in a store in my 21 years of existence, so this was a big surprise. If anything, this just shows how serious and passionate NSH Football are about their brand image. From what I've seen they seem to be quite up to date with boot releases as well, I will later compare them with other stores.

If you’re unable to visit the shop at République anytime soon, I would recommend that you visit their online website, since the prices and sizes in the shop are also available on the website; this is your best option if you don't want to travel there.

While Nike and Adidas are their best assets, you may also be interested in visiting the Nike and Adidas stores located at the Champs Élysées. These are the biggest stores of the two respected brands that I have come across so far here in Paris, and they have a very good range of products for football lovers. The prices may be a bit higher because they are the official stores... and maybe because they’re at the Champs Élysées.

You may wonder where, when or with whom you can play with your new acquisitions? I’ve been in Paris for about a month now and I found the perfect way to play in the city. I am a member of a few football clubs on This is a great way to find people and groups not only to play football but also to take part in many other activity. There’s just about anything from café talks to museum excursions and to specific communities.

All in all, NSH Football Shop is a must for all football lovers out there. I understand that there is no point in going to the store to buy something if you will never have the opportunity to use it and this is why I strongly recommend that you make an account on meetup and find a group that corresponds to your interests. I am playing with two different groups here in Paris - via meet up - and it fits into my schedule perfectly. If you need extra help or advise, feel free to contact me, either through this post or direct messages on my Instagram account!

If you liked the content of this post or just want to check out other pictures that I took on my adventure, feel free to like and/or follow me on Instagram at oat93, cheers!

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