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Brook's Cafe Paris | 11e

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Published by Oat Sitalasai — 5 years ago

Paris has cafes in literally every corner and every street, but the hard bit is to find a cafe that is friendly with those that want to sit and work for a long period. I happen to be in the 11 arrondissement for my studies and therefore am very familiar with the Republique, Parmentier and Oberkampf area. For this adventure, I will invite you to come try out Brook’s Cafe Paris.

The cafe is located on 8 Boulevard de Magneta and could be accessed either via Republique or Jacques Bonsergent. If you’re around the Parmentier or Oberkampf area, the cafe is just a short 10 minute walk, but be sure to have a map or Google handy since the streets around here all lead to La Place de la Republique, and that could be tricky. If I don’t use the same street, I will easily get lost in this area. The greatest aspect about Brook’s Cafe is its superb ambience that really encourages you to be in your own zone. The music goes well with its concept and the colours, the lighting, the tables and the chairs are everything you need. 

Unlike so many cafes in this cafe, Brook’s is very spacious and has multiple places for you to plug your electronics so you could work without worrying about running out of battery. In light of electronics, you’re more than welcome to bring in your computer and tablet and work here as long as you want. I was there from 3:00pm and probably didn't leave until 6:30pm, and that was absolutely fine - I only ordered a coffee..

In addition, they also provide complimentary wifi internet here. I did share another cafe with you called Anti Cafe a few posts earlier, and in comparison to the internet there, I would say that it is a few levels better over here at Brook’s. This may be because this place is not as busy. During my three hours here, the place did not have more than ten people. This may be because there are plenty of cafes around and people just have that huge flexibility in choice to go to any cafes they want. For me, I will definitely come back to Brook’s, without a moment of doubt. 

I did mention briefly about the location of Brook’s. It is surely in a very convenient area and from my experience thus far, this is the best spot in the area to sit down and work at ease. The closest exit at Republique will see you walk across the traffic light, and voila, there you are!

The next element which is probably not ideal - but very understandable - is the price. This is by no means a cheap place. The price for items is not low, but this is how cafes are in the heart of the city. In comparison to Cojean or Exki, coffee with milk is about a euro more expensive, and say, a bottled arizona iced tea (they’re nothing like tea but they’re really good; worth a try!) is about 80 cents pricier. They also have a selection of sandwiches, bagels, chocolates and dessert cakes here if that rows your boat. 

This is a cafe that you cannot judge from the outside. In all honestly, cafes located in the corner with huge glass displays and terrance seating will always be viewed as better or superior. Brook’s really breaks this myth. As I had a quick look at the menu from the outside and decided to walk in, I was greeted by a gentleman that works there. He welcomed me into the cafe to have a better and in no other words, made me feel welcome regardless of whether I will order or not. I politely asked him if he has wifi in which to my content he replied with yes. Rather than just ordering something right away, I had asked to find a seat (so that I could find a place to plug my computer) before any commitment. He welcomed me in a genuine smile. I found plenty of space and settled in and ordered a coffee. Within the first five minutes of seeing the sign across the street to sitting down, I was genuinely taken off by the team here. 

They have a decent selection of beverages, both hot and cold. They have a good-sized display fridge with various soft drinks, and of course the arizona iced tea that you must try one day! You may also be interested in getting a freshly grounded cup of coffee, like I did. 

Another great element that makes this place a standout for me is cleanliness. The staff do keep a good eye out at your table and will keep it in a good condition. When I arrived, my table was left dirty by the previous guest. What the staff here did and what some other elsewhere practice at a minimum (if at all) is cleaning the table properly. Yes, properly with a wet towel and alcohol spray to sanitise the thing a little bit. 

To wrap up this post, I would like to start a new system in which I will round up the aspects that I think are important in choosing a cafe (or places to eat for other posts), so here they go:

Accessibility - 9/10

Price - 7/10

Selection - 8/10

Staff Friendliness - 9/10

Work Friendliness - 10/10

Cleanliness - 9/10

Overall - 8.5/10

For more information on the cafe and where it is located exactly, check out there website through Facebook at:

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