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Oldie but goldie

Published by Patricia Ioana — 5 years ago

The Majesty and grandeur of Versailles attracted me always, but the spot have zarite outdone any imagination ... I don't think our visit to Paris would be complete without this move, I'd be stuck with the thought that something was missing...

 To proceed, therefore, to the road! The information gathered in this community I have shown that it is extremely useful to buy a Museum Pass, if we want to see as many as possible, as less money, so I decided that 2 of the 4 days to profit to the maximum, while the other two, respectively the first and the last day, to be more lax.  The first day was dedicated to (how else?) Eiffel Tower and a cruise on the Seine, and the last of The Defense.

Versailles is accessible by RER line C; where once it passes near the Hotel de Ville and in front of us to observe the Majesty and opulence of the gate of entry to the Palace of Versailles. Versailles palace was the residence of Kings Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI. Interesting was the fact that all the monuments symbol of France were guarded by troops with machine guns ... you kinda passed a thrill when I see.

The entry for the entire field to visit this Palace, gardens, meaning Le Grand Trianon and Petit Trianon costa 18euro/person but we purchased from the internet Museum Pass for 2zile at the price of 35euro/person and we had free entry for information you can access this site. Official website of füzesgyarmat Castle for information and visitation schedule is here.

Once you enter the courtyard of Versailles begins visiting the ... audio guides are free and can be taken right from the entrance. The most interesting things to visit in the Palace of Versailles are: the Hall of mirrors, the Royal Chapel, The Venus, Queen Bedroom, courtyard, paved with marble, the work, the Grand Trianon, the gardens, the Hall of Apollo and the Royal Stables. We started with the Interior of the Palace where opulence is the key word;

I've seen high rooms with Windows ce gave to gorgeous gardens, King and Queen bedroom with walls completely covered with valuable tapestries, fireplaces in all trees, entering office he signed the Treaty of Versailles Hall of mirrors and you went in a fairy tale world where you could easily envision a ballroom where the white wigs and dresses zulufii great balansau during the Waltz.

Versailles Castle, built in a classic style, with the ground floor and a first floor, comprises of a central body and two lateral wings, between the Royal Court and the marble Courtyard. The central body comprises on the ground floor, the apartments of the Dauphin and the Dauphine (Crown Prince and his wife, named in French, Dauphin and Dauphine) and apartments and Adélaïde Victoire ladies, daughters of Louis XV, and the upstairs apartments of the King and Queen, joined by the famous Gallery of Mirrors.

  • In the South Wing is fitted, Battles Gallery during the reign of Louis-Philippe and seeking to reconcile the moments of glory of the old regime and the revolution and the first French Empire, and in the North Wing is the Royal Chapel, the Opera, and The Crusades, furnished the same Louis-Philippe. Unfortunately, not all of these rooms were open to the public, so I will limit myself to describing just what I could visit.

The field covers approximately Vesailles800hectares and includes the Versailles Castle, and the other two castles, known as the great and the little hamlet of Trianon to Queen Marie-Antoinette, gardens, swimming pools and an Orangery. We have planned to visit the Interior of the three castles until15.30 o'clock, following that the last part of the day to spend in gardens, to be able to enjoy ' Les Grandes Eaux Musicales '. It must be said that the planned visit to Versailles on a Sunday, because splendid fountains works only on Saturday and Sunday, according to a very strict schedule.

Paris Museum Pass, which included visits to the Castle, Chippy paint and gardens, but the latter only in the working days of the week. Visiting the gardens over the weekend, when I'm turned on fountains, requires an additional fee of 8 euros, which I accepted to pay because a visit to Versailles cannot be considered complete if unable to view and fountains.

  1. I climbed upstairs to visit the apartments of the King. Great Apartment for the official events at the Court of Louis XIV, is made up of multiple lounges, bearing the names of legendary. The Salon of Hercules, the largest in the Castle, connects the North wing and the central body of the Castle. It was finished only after the death of Louis XIV, serving as a ballroom or receptions. The ceiling is adorned with a splendid painting, ' the apotheosis of Hercules ', carried out by François Lemoyne. In the lounge there is also two valuable paintings by Paolo Veronese, ' Rebecca and Eliezer ' and, especially, the monumental ' Jesus at Simon the Pharisee's table.

Gallery of mirrors, the resistance of the Castle, 73 meters in length and 10.5 meters wide,  belonging to the Grand Suite of the King, with The peace, which is part of the Queen's Grand Apartment. Here, in the Gallery of mirrors, were welcomed with the largest foreign ambassadors and fast, too, were organised different celebrations and balls. In this place, Wilhelm I was proclaimed German Emperor in 1871, and, also here, in 1919, Germany was forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles, by accepting the conditions imposed by the victors, who enriched them

. The wall from inside is covered with huge mirrors, French, manufactures products that could rival fearless with the famous Venetian mirrors. The ceiling, painted by Le Brun, comprises 30 scenes from the life of the King, presented as an all-powerful monarch, absolutely. The sculptures represent some ancient deities, as well as busts of Roman emperors.

I've gone through the Gallery of mirrors, then through The peace, and I entered in the Grand Queen Apartment. I first visited the Queen's Chamber, similar to that of the King, the colors are, however, more open. In this room, courtiers attended Queen's laying and awakening, and in the four-poster bed, the Queen gave birth, all publicly, heirs to the throne. He attended an anteroom and called Nobles Salon, where regina grant audiences or spent time in the middle of the ladies of the Court.

The ceiling is decorated with a painting, depicting Mercury spreading înaripatul and benefits of the arts and Sciences. The walls are covered with paintings depicting various female characters of antiquity, real or mythological, with various artistic pursuits.

I went into the gardens, and must pay an additional fee of 8 euro, whereas that day were scheduled Major Musical Waters (' Les Grandes Eaux Musicales '). The gardens of Versailles were André Le Nôtre complemented furnished, which took into account both the geometric precision and scale. He gave an foremost central axis, creating the so-called ' la Grande Perspective '.

There are three ways in which you can take a walk through those huge gardens; a train with some electrical cars, or on foot. I chose a little train ride. Tickets cost 8 euros, and my walk lasted half an hour. On the trail they made several stops (stations) where some others climbed down this. Because of the rain and cold wind, we stayed in the train and I was content to admire the gardens gone.

 I wanted to see "the Ballroom" outdoors, but the weather did not permit. When you see more than 400 statues? When admiring km. hedge forming the maze? When you enjoy the millions of flowers, carefully chosen so that at any time of the year, something to be green and colorful? When to make a boat ride on the Grand Canal? The time has been too short; but one thing has to do; to arouse in me the desire to return.

The gardens extend over 100 hectares and stretch until the Trianon and little Trianon palaces. Drawn and put in the work to the end of the 17th century under Louis XIV by the architect Le Nôtre, they are considered the prototype of the French garden due to the elegant style and rich in artistic works and scenography.  However, in the economy, or because it was the end of the season they haven't worked all at the same time so alergai fast times to catch the next fountain open, fold them up long ago on the Esplanade.  The most opulent is Neptune fountain statuary groups, from which the water jets ejected from Latvia and her children, green carpet and the basin of Apollo Complete with some photos ... taken in September 2008.

Across an alley, we arrived at the time at little Trianon, built between 1762 and 1768 by order of Louis XV, by its architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel,. Whereas one of the King's passions was Botany, here was a garden with all kinds of rare plants. That was the initiator of the construction of this small castle was the King's favorite, the Marquise de Pompadour. She died, however, before the completion of work, so that its successor, the Countess du Barry, was the one who will dwell here, until the King's death in 1774.

Do not forget that everything cost!

There are many types of tickets, depending on the area you wish to visit-between 7 and 25 Euro if you have not yet arrived here, if your photos are not expressive enough, I recommend the film Marie Antoinette directed by Sofia Coppola; not for intrigue but to see unique interiors of this wonderful Palace.

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