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Du Pain et des Idées

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The Best Croissant I've ever had!

Published by Gülşen Akıncı — 3 years ago


  • Yes, it is literally the best one. It was with almond and huge. You can have it for 3. 50 Euros and it would worth it believe me! And also you should try escargot with red fruits. But you should catch it because it can be sold out the one which is with red fruits. As you may know croissant and coffee is the best breakfast when travelling. And why don't you want the best one? Just go there and have it. If you have 3 euros you can have the escargots and 3. 5 for croissant as I said. But there is no toilet inside. You can sit outside but there is only 1 table. So people usually take it away. But as I said if you find place to sit you can. And there is supermarket opposite side. You can have your cold drinks if you prefer instead of coffee. but it's really so good. And you can buy some bagets which are belong to Paris, I mean they have special taste ( even if I didn't realize it). Whether you don't like red fruits with something inside, you should try these yummy things!


  • This is Escargot! Sorry I forgot to take a picture before, I was starving!

  • And the first picture as title picture is croissant with almond.


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