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Pompidou Center

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A Paradis of the Arts: Visite to the Beaubourg Museum!

Translated by James Imparato — 2 months ago

Original text by Arthur Quattro

If you like the diversity of Art, and and discovering it’s richness, and it’s multiple forms, the Beaubourg Museum was made for you. You won’t be discouraged by its bizarre exterior, which, I find myself, perfectly ugly. Its architecture of pipes of diverse colors which can be shocking, is also it’s goal: Interpreting the past, and it invites you to discover it’s treasures. It’s beautiful interior and it’s genius!

You can find all types of art there, on Cinema, for starters, Photography, Books, Modern and Classic art and great names like Magritte, (an exposition was dedicated to to him), in 2016. Like less known works it’s the moving force of this museum. Cosmopolitan aspirations.

A Paradis of the Arts: Visite to the Beaubourg Museum!


I visit the museum a lot because the expositions change frequently except for the permanent works which warrant a detour. The works invite you to make your own interpretations of what is truly art?, the Beautiful and the Ugly. . Before leaving, stroll by to catch a glimpse of a starred restaurant in the Museum. Prices are expectantly highly but it does offer an extraordinary view of Paris even if your not sitting to eat, take a look at the restaurant, it’s worth the detour.

Finally I recommend just taking in the museums interior architecture especially the The Stravinsky fountain , a. k. a. (also known as), the automated fountain which is very nice and quite original!.

Enjoy the Arts!

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