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L'Aristide Café

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Reasonable price for good food at Montmartre

Published by Julia E — 4 years ago

I discovered L'Aristide Café when I've been to Paris. We were looking for a nice place to eat lunch at Montmartre and we stopped at L'Aristide Café because the price was reasonable, the place was looking good enough and the waiters were friendly. These are the first impressions when choosing a restaurants. 

We were courious about the food and it was a real surprise when the waiter brought the starter to our table. The Café offers typical french food and 2 courses menus for 12 euros at lunch. You can choose between first and second course or second cours and desserts. We choosed option one, as we knew already enough well the french desserts, which are really delicious as well.

We ordered french onion soup and crabs with salad for starter and fish with rice as main dish. The fish was so well cooked what I just envy how the cook is able to do it like that. I tried sometimes, but I still need some more practices.

The service was professional and friendly, so I just can suggest you this place, if you would like to eat good food in Montmartre for a reasonable price.

History of Montmartre

Montmartre is an old French town In training communes and departments in 1790, Montmartre was a town in the Seine. It was annexed in 1860 by Paris. Its territory since, is essentially the eighteenth arrondissement of Paris, a fraction having been assigned to the town of Saint-Ouen. 

The hill on which is built Montmartre is the highest point in Paris (130 m), located north of the capital. This is one of the most visited places by tourists. 
Montmartre was long a village outside Paris. Its name probably originates Mons Martis (Mount of Mars) because the hill was the site of a temple dedicated to Mars, god of war, in the Roman period. A second temple dedicated to Mercury was also there. It has been referred to a second possible etymological origin: Mount martyrdom because it was, according to legend, an important passage place of Saint Denis, the first bishop of Paris, who would have survived his execution. One of the streets leading to historic Montmartre is called rue des Martyrs.

In training communes and departments in 1790, Montmartre was a town in the Seine. Located inside the line of fortifications built in the nineteenth century, it was annexed to Paris in 1860 (a small part of its territory outside the fortifications, returning to Saint-Ouen) and was built in the eighteenth arrondissement. Montmartre was One of the important places of the Paris Commune in 1871. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Montmartre was a beacon of painting, where artists such as Pissarro, Toulouse-Lautrec, Steinlen, Van Gogh, Modigliani, Picasso ... More Later, the mound was supplanted as favorite famous painters in Montparnasse. Source wikipé

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