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Le Corbusier Pearl

Published by Liina Lember — 5 years ago

If You are interested in architecture or design or just want to see something amazing from a world famous architect Le Corbusier - this is it! The atelier is the place where he lived and worked. It is located on the top floor of one of his designed houses. It actually took me some time to look it up because it was a bit confusing but it is probably because I used the bicycle to get there. I think what I liked about visiting this atelier is because it is only opened one day a week - on Saturday and it is a part of a working-used apartement house. There are so many amazing details in Le Corbusiers houses which you just have to see yourself. The atelier is filled with light and is spacious. There is a door you have to touvh because it is very big. Amazing staircase that goes to the level above to his bedroom and the view one gets from there is amazing. Definitely worth a visit! 

I will not add a lot of pictures, just to not spoil the visit! 

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