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    L'Arc de Triomphe

    A typical tourists go-see in Paris, the Arc de Triomphe is a very central and touristy attraction. Even so, its worth a look. You can go in via an underground tunnel that takes you under THAT roundabout (if you drive you should try doing it just for the experience but...

    by Itxaso in What to see Paris, 3 years ago
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    Plage du Fortin

    This lovely wee beach is just a 15 minute bus ride along the coast from Marseille. It is the perfect place to go for a party, to sunbathe, to chill during the day or to go and have a BBQ. When we arrived there were people playing music at the top of the beach which gave...

    by Itxaso in What to do Marseille, 3 years ago
  • Place

    Louis Vutton Foundation

    We went to the Louis Vutton Foundation in June 2017, when they were in the middle of an African art exhibition. This was particularly interesting as there was lots of shows and pieces from the apartheid and various dictatorships, as well as lots of woven pieces, masks...

    by Itxaso in What to see Paris, 3 years ago
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    Hootanannys is a pub near the city centre of Inverness.  For food, this is a nice place for affordable, good traditional scottish food, for example pies and fish n chips, but also for tasty treats such as vodka cheesecake. The drinks are pretty regular although...

    by Itxaso in Cafe, cocktail, beer Inverness, 3 years ago
  • Experience

    British Pipe Band Championships

    The British Pipe Band Championships are held every year, and this year they took place in Paisley, near Glasgow.  This was a HUGE event - with large pipe bands (meaning groups of people who play drums and bagpipes) coming from all over the British Isles to compete. ...

    0 by Itxaso in Erasmus experiences Glasgow, 3 years ago
  • Place

    Le mur de je t'aime

    Le mur de je t'aime, or the wall of love, is a beautiful large chalk board with 'I love you' and other declarations of love written in over 250 different languages. Located just down the hill from the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, it is a very touristy area but this wall...

    by Itxaso in What to see Paris, 3 years ago
  • Place

    Bar Soba

    This is a great place to go for some very tasty, very hipster food. They have lots of vegan and gluten free options, and the main menu has some delicious pad thais and curries.  On weekdays until 17h they have a 2 for 1 offer on meals if you have a student card and on...

    by Itxaso in Where to eat Glasgow, 3 years ago
  • Place

    Masala Twist

    Glasgow is said to be the curry capital of Europe, with many famous dishes such as tikka masala originating there. At Masala twist there is a delicious lunchtime buffet for £6-7 with a student card, including a variety of curries, sides and starters. I would recommend...

    by Itxaso in Where to eat Glasgow, 3 years ago
  • Place

    Oran Mor

    The old church provides a lovely backdrop to a nice pint or a plate of fish n chips. The Oran Mor often hosts some great bands from all over the world, so check it out online before you go to see who is on! Drinks are on the expensive side but this is a nice bar and it...

    by Itxaso in Cafe, cocktail, beer Glasgow, 3 years ago
  • Place

    The Riverbed of the River Turia

    This beautiful park used to be a river than ran through the city. It is now an ideal area to take a break and go to chill, with lots of water installations and shady green areas, or sunbathing spots if you fancy somewhere quieter than the beach. There are several parks...

    by Itxaso in What to see Valencia, 3 years ago
  • Place


    Science centre and botanic garden by day, club by night. By day this is the main sight to see in Valencia. It is formed by a few giant white, modern structures that look very arty and statue-esque, with a few pools in between them. The botanic gardens are really pretty,...

    by Itxaso in Erasmus party Valencia, 3 years ago
  • Place

    Playa Cala Comtesa

    Unlike the busy, tourist filled beaches you'll find all over the island, this is an amazing little hidden bay you can basically only get to by boat - but it is worth it! This is a short stretch of sand surrounded by goat covered rocky hills, with a little seafood shack...

    by Itxaso in What to see Palma de Mallorca, 3 years ago
  • Place


    This is a lovely pinchos place to go to just after you visit Casa Mila - you can literally still see Mila from the outdoor seating area! The pinchos are super cheap but also pretty fancy: lots of fresh seafood and fancy pastries and avocado. It is delicious! And a huge...

    by Itxaso in Where to eat Barcelona, 3 years ago
  • Place


    Wether you're looking for some mad pre drinks with your pals or a cheeky cocktail and a chat, this bar is a seriously underrated Glasgow club/bar. They have a huge range of shooters (basically mixed shots) that range from tasty to dangerously strong and all for £1.50...

    by Itxaso in Erasmus party Glasgow, 3 years ago
  • Place

    Bistrot Victoires

    Just a 15 minute walk from the Louvre, this cute, cosy bistro is in a central location yet somehow always manages to have a free table and super fast, friendly service. I loved this place because they serve some very good traditional french dishes (I would recommend...

    by Itxaso in Where to eat Paris, 3 years ago

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