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  • National Burger Barcelona

    During the days I've been in Barcelona I've been able to try many restaurants, including hamburgers. Of all of them, I get one: National Burger Barcelona. I didn't remember such a delicious meat, there could already be something similar in my city. Above it is near the...

    0 , 4 years ago
  • Restaurants in Barcelona

    The place is incredibly spacious with many tables and so on. It is an Eastern style restaurant, when you enter there is a Buddha and it is very well lit with Indian-style low lights. The food is very abundant, and sushi is exquisite!

    0 , 5 years ago
  • Txapela

    This is a lovely pinchos place to go to just after you visit Casa Mila - you can literally still see Mila from the outdoor seating area! The pinchos are super cheap but also pretty fancy: lots of fresh seafood and fancy pastries and avocado. It is delicious! And a huge...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • Viena

    You find yourself in Barcelona, you are taking a beautiful walk down La Rambla when you feel like eating and, to top it all off, there are so many places to the right and the left of your visual field making it impossible for you to decide, but if you have read this...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Café Camelia

    If you're a vegetarian you may know how hard it it to travel with people who eat meat. Most normal restaurants don't have many veggie options and most veggie restaurants are not very appealing for people who eat meat - and they're also hard to find, specially in...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • El Salamanca

    Our tour guide recomended me and my friends tovisitthis restaurant. We were told that they serve tasty paella and local drink called Cava. I can say that it was the best choice we made visiting El Salamanca. The staff here is very friendly and actually cares about...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Hard Rock Cafe

    The Hard Rock Café; this world famous restaurant in all the big cities will have been a first for me in Barcelona. The atmosphere is as its name indicates - very rock. The walls are decorated with CDs, dedications to big stars and Jimmy Hendrix's guitar leaving us...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Restaurant Can Culleretes

    Restaurant Can Culleretes is said to be the oldest restaurant in Barcelona. I was walking near there one afternoon when I felt hungry, so I decided to give it a try. The restaurant is open from 1.30pm every day. When I arrived there, it was about 1.20pm, and there was a...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Rosa del Raval

    A five day stay in Barcelona often spent eating... That's why you have to choose the best restaurants regarding both quality and price! Thanks to our friend who had already visited, we had some good gastronomic advice including this Mexican. Initially the offers...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Alsur Cafe

    While I was studying abroad in Barcelona, we came across this cafe called Alsur. We went in the place of El Born and it is situated on a square, so that's how it got our attention. Outside they have a really nice terras with some ornaments and white parasols, in winter...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Tapa Tapa

    There are millions of bars with tapas in Barcelona. Well, not millions, but probably close to that number. And a lot of them have same or similar name, that has to involve the word tapa. The examples that I have encountered so far, are Atrapatapa, Tapa Tapa, Apat Tapa,...

    0 , 8 years ago
  • Gustos Bcn

    Walking around the city all day can be very exhausting, especially if you walk by many restaurants with tasty – looking food. And this is exactly what happened to me today – I was wandering around Placa de Espanya for several hours, without any fixed plan on where I...

    0 , 8 years ago
  • Cup & Cake

    Here an advice for everybody in Barcelona who wants to give themself a special treat, who is craving something sweet or just wants to try the best cupcakes in town: Cup & Cake. They are a little chain and have four cute shops in Barcelona. The one I always went to is...

    0 , 8 years ago
  • La Boulangerie

    La Boulangerie Do you love croissants and pastries? Well I can tell you about the best ones in Spain! I could basically route you a croisssant tour around Barcelona! Everywhere the bread is amazing but I will tell you a secret and let you know the absolute best. I have...

    0 , 8 years ago
  • Barcelona Restaurants

    Restaurants in Barcelona The best of the best in Barcelona, but don’t get me wrong there are hundreds of amazing places in Barcelona it is hard to choose from all of them! I will give you some of my favorite places and why I like them. Boldu - donuts, coffee,...

    0 , 8 years ago
  • Boldu

    Boldu is a great place to grab a snack, whether its coffee, a donut, or a sandwich, everything is delicious! Boldu offers a variety of choices for anybody looking to eat or simply grab a snack. They also have cakes and what not if you want something a little sweeter....

    0 , 8 years ago
  • Gelaaati Di Marco

    Gelaaati Di Marco is the best gelato by far in Barcelona! They have amazing creative flavors that you would never think go together but they are amazing! The gelato is also award winning! It wins awards every year for their different flavors, its so amazing. They also...

    0 , 8 years ago
  • Brunch & Cake

    If you are looking for great breakfast/brunch or lunch Brunch & Cake is the way to go! Whether your hung over or just want to have brunch with a couple of friends Brunch & Cake can more than satisfy your needs. There are many different locations of Brunch & Cake all...

    0 , 8 years ago
  • Chok

    Chok is one of the most amazing places I have been to. When you turn onto the street off of Ramblas you see a glass display of donuts and cronuts. Not just any regular kind these are filled with different things and decorated amazing with Oreos, fruit, cream, etc. once...

    0 , 8 years ago
  • La Tasqueta de Blai Pincho Bar

    The street "Calle de Blai" is my absolute favorite place to go eat tapas in Barcelona. It is a little street between the metro stops of Poble Sec and Parallel, where you find one little tapas place next to the other! There are so many that you actually never know which...

    0 , 8 years ago

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